A guide to how dental marketing and Dental Focus can expand your dental surgery

When you are looking to expand your dental practice, it is important to recognise the tools and methods which work best.

Over the last 10 years, the most successful ways to help any business grow is to use a digital approach or by utilizing the internet. In short, you will need to invest some money into SEO and other online marketing methods.

It is most likely that, with the running of a dental surgery and the overseeing of patient care, you don’t have the time, energy or money to learn how to do these things and will need to hire in some specialists. This is where our team comes in!

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of overseeing the expansion of dental surgeries with the use of dental marketing and SEO practices. With over 1,000 surgeries under our belt, we have helped dentists in the UK and around the world to expand their patient list, without having to send out a single flyer. Fantastic!

So, what are some of the dental marketing ideas we may use to expand your dental surgery? Read on to find out!

Social media

It is very confusing as to why so many dental surgeries are scared about advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Simply creating a page on these pages boosts your surgeries credibility in the eyes of Google search bots and also creates a really helpful space for potential patients to find you.

One of our top dental marketing techniques is to utilise these platforms, casting a wider web over a larger demographic, thus boosting your surgery’s expansion.


Updating your main surgery page regularly with blogs relating to dentistry also keeps your page active, and allows for the placement of trending keywords (both a bonus when it comes to SEO).

At Dental Focus, we are able to offer you weekly blog posts relating to whichever dental subject you want to cover- educational for patients and great for your pages Google ranking!

How to videos

Many people online love watching videos and, should you want to boost your page’s appeal to patients who don’t have the time to scroll through blogs, why not ask our team for tips on videos that can be placed on your page?

Once again, this adds a novelty feature to your page, allows you to discuss your expertise and will attract more patients.

Website makeover!

We will also assess your surgery’s webpage to ensure that it is fast loading, attractive and simple to use- extremely important as the majority of web users allow less than 5 seconds for a page to fully load before moving on!

We will place your brand across the page, highlight your surgeries ethos and speciality all while allowing you to choose the individual look you want for the page.


We mentioned keywords earlier when relating to articles but, should you not know which ones are trending, our team of SEO specialists can oversee that too!