A strong profile for good dental marketing

Although there are more dental practices than ever before the dental industry has seen a decline in growth over the last few years. The pandemic has led to fluctuations in household income and due to the lockdown many people have been unable to visit the dentist or have avoided doing so. It is very important to have a strong dental marketing campaign in place to make sure that your business continues to grow and flourish in these difficult times and it is also important to encourage the public to continue to look after their dental health which is paramount for overall well-being.

If you are looking to enhance your dental marketing techniques or if you are not sure where to start, speak to us at dental focus today. Whichever level of marketing you have in place for your dental practice, we can help you. Dental marketing has moved predominantly online. In this era of digital technology most businesses advertise their services online and this is the way forward for dental practices also.

The majority of dental practices have excellent digital marketing campaigns and if you have not yet put together a digital marketing strategy then you will be losing potential patients to your competitors. We are a digital marketing team. We have almost 2 decades of experience in creating excellent digital marketing strategies for dental practices across the country. We will help create a strong online presence for your dental practice. We want to help you become the most popular dental practice in your area. We are a multi award-winning team and with our knowledge and expertise you will be able to stand out amongst your competitors and attract quality patients already looking for the treatments and procedures that you have to offer.

The profile of your business

To put together a successful digital marketing campaign firstly we will need to find out everything we can about your business. Here at Dental focus we use the 7Ps of marketing to help us do this. This means that we have addressed all aspects of your business and that there are no questions remaining. Your potential patient is able to find everything they need to know about you on your website or through other digital content. We will address the profile of your business. This means the branding, the image that you would like to portray, the name and logo, your ethos and your USPs. This information should be attractive and memorable, when patients think about their dental issues, your name should come to mind. If you already have a profile that you are happy with then we will display this on a brilliant homepage for your website and on any social media pages that you wish to pursue. If you do not have a branding that you have settled on then we will work with you to help you create a profile that you can be happy to show off to the world. We will carry out competitor analysis on your behalf to make sure you stand out from the other dental practices in your area. Speak to us at dental focus today to find out more.