Our dental marketing plan

If you are looking for an in-depth way to maximise your knowledge and potential with dental marketing, then we offer comprehensive 2-year plans for you to explore. These include a wide array of things from us making you a website, to educational videos about various things such as SEO, social media usage and more. There are 3 companies that contribute to this plan.

Here at Dental Focus, we strive to deliver you the best quality websites and information to help expand your business. Our super friendly team will be in communication with you throughout this whole process, to ensure that the service is tailored and personal to you.

Your first year

During the first year of your plan, we at Dental Focus will create you a 25-30 page website to begin your journey with us. This will be the catalyst of growth in your business and marketing for dentists. We will also create the infrastructure for all of your social media accounts, including facebook, instagram, twitter and facebook. We will provide you with good treatment wording and videos to use, as well as one SEO blog each month which can help push your business to the top when someone is searching for something related.

JSP Media Group provides you with a subscription to Patient Lounge TV, which allows you to create a custom TV channel for your business, on top of this they will provide a free media player. They will also create a YouTube channel to help boost your business, using eye-catching graphic thumbnails and descriptions to bring in customers.

Dentinal Tubules provides the vital educational part of this plan which is so important for building your confidence in dental marketing. In the first year, they will offer you an on-demand video library that you can use. They will also create a personal development plan to ensure you get the most knowledge out of this experience. They offer local study clubs, which is great if you want to go more in-depth with your knowledge. You will also have access to articles, cases, playlists and discussion to help you better understand how to grow your business. You will also get to use CPD, which is a sort of training portal.

The second-year

During the second year of your plan with us, we at Dental Focus will continue to offer you the treatment wording and videos that help to boost your content. We will also create a weekly social media plan for Instagram and Facebook, in order for it to stay consistent, as this is key. We will continue with the once a month SEO blogs, which really helps to get your business noticed on search engines.

JSP Media Group will continue with the 12-month subscription to Patient Lounge TV, meaning you can still be in control of your own TV channel within your business. They will also create an animated Ident with your logo to show on the TV channel. Additionally, they will also add subtitled videos for Patient Lounge TV and your social media. Finally, they will create some Instagram video content for you to use to help boost interest.

In the second year, Dentinal Tubules will offer you an individual login and premium benefits for all staff, meaning all of you can improve your knowledge. You will also have full access to the Intelligent PDP, as well as access to any study club worldwide. They will show you how to use the practice dashboard, which allows you to do things such as view team usage, team reports and more.