Are you puzzled about dental SEO? Our team at Dental Focus answers your top questions

When you have dental surgery, you want people to know about it.

And of course, you want people to know all about your highly-trained team, the services that you can offer and how you can help them and their families to keep their oral health in great condition.

So, how do you do this? In years gone by, traditional advertising would have sufficed, but with more and more people using the internet to find all manner of services, your surgery now needs to compete in an online domain. And this is where our team comes in!

At Dental Focus, we know how to get potential patients to see your website and using our expertise in dental SEO, we can get your site to the first page on any search engine results. We have nearly 20 years of expertise in this area and, with over 1,000 websites under our belt, when you hire our team to help with your marketing, you know you are getting top notch professionals!

But if you are new to the area of dental SEO, it can all be a bit confusing. Here, our team at Dental Focus answer the most common questions we receive from new clients. Enjoy!

What is SEO for dental surgeries?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is simply the practice of getting your surgery page onto the first page of results for a search engine.

So, dental SEO is the process of using keywords, phrases and other bits of marketing to get patients to spot your surgery’s page, engage with it and contact you about dental work.

My surgery specialises in dental implants; can you cater to this?

We can indeed!

We can utilize your speciality to help your surgery stand out from its competitors by using keywords surrounding dental implants to attract new patients. If your website needs a makeover, we can use our expertise to make the focus of your website about dental implants too!

How many new patients can I expect per month using Dental Focus?

This is a tricky one to answer, as it will vary from surgery to surgery and will depend on the amount of SEO and marketing work we do for your team.

Many of our clients notice an increase of around 5-10 patients per month at the start of working with us, which will increase as our expertise works its magic.

How long will the marketing process take?

Marketing itself is an ongoing process and at Dental Focus, we aim to work with our client’s long term to help them reach their goals.

As we mentioned earlier, in the initial phase of working with us, you will start to see a gradual increase in your patient list within the first 3 months.

Can you help with my surgery site?

Yes, we can.

We can makeover your website to ensure it follows a logical order, it has a fast loading time and that it is mobile device ready; all very important for SEO!