The ultimate intro guide to dental SEO

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is now a crucial part of any marketing strategy for any business that is looking to boost its customer numbers.

It is affordable, effective and relatively straightforward, hence why it is booming in popularity.

If you operate a dental surgery, you may be looking for an easy way to boost your patient list without spending a fortune on flyers and other advertisements; this is where our team at Dental Focus comes in.

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of expertise working with dental surgeries to get them the growing patient lists that they want and deserve using our dental SEO techniques. Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure that your surgery’s unique requirements are met, helping you to become a well-known name in your local area for dental procedures. Great!

But this can all sound a bit confusing. After all, you are a dentist, not an SEO expert. So in this short guide, we briefly introduce dental SEO and how it can help put your dental surgery on the map!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is simply getting your dental surgery website listed on the first page of search results.

So, if someone in your local area was to look up ‘dental implants’ on a search engine like Google, your surgery would appear on the first page.

To get you there, our team will use a few dental SEO tricks, such as creating a straightforward and logical website for Google bots to search through while also placing keywords across your surgery page and ensuring that your website loads quickly and is suitable for all devices that may want to access it.

Types of SEO

There are a few types of SEO that we may decide to use.

On-page SEO will be based on content (such as a blog) and will include the HTML of your website along with targeted keywords.

Off-page SEO will include the HTML of your website in one link but then also be linked to two other authoritative sources of information such as the NHS.

We also offer technical SEO, which will ensure that your web page loads quickly enough and that it is mobile friendly. Then, we can also offer local SEO, which will help the Google bots to locate your surgery location on a map and produce organic traffic to your website based on this, hopefully getting those website visitors to join your patient list!

The best SEO strategy for your dental surgery

With this in mind, it can be tricky to choose the right type of SEO strategy for your surgery, but don’t worry, we can help there too! We will assess the current website that you have and discuss your overall goals for your website with you. We will then devise a targeted SEO plan to help you reach these goals in the shortest time possible.

 How we can boost SEO

As mentioned earlier, we will assess your website and discuss the overall goals of having SEO with you. We can makeover your website, start a blog or vlog and ensure that the content on your surgery page is updated regularly. We will also be sure to use keywords and phrases to help get your website noticed by those all-important Google bots!