Top benefits of dental SEO

If you want to get any page noticed online nowadays, you need to have a solid marketing plan and invest in search engine optimisation.

But does this offer the returns that you have heard about?

At Dental Focus, we have nearly 20 years of offering our clients dental SEO and can attest to how it can turn even the smallest of dental surgeries into a thriving business.

Here, our team explains the key benefits of investing in dental SEO.


You know your team is great. You know your surgery can offer patients great dental work in the form of cosmetics or standard dental care.

But if you don’t have SEO or a marketing plan, no one else will know and your website would be unlikely to attract new potential patients.

How do you build exposure? Well, when you hire our team at Dental Focus for your dental SEO, we will ensure that your surgery’s page and blog contain all of the essential keywords to boost your SEO and ranking on Google.

This will get more people to see your page and enquire about the procedures and treatments that you can offer.

Increasing organic traffic

Bots have their place in marketing, but if you are looking to grow your surgery, you will want an increase in organic traffic, which is simply people who are looking for the services that you can offer visiting your surgery’s page.

SEO allows this to occur as it targets the key demographics you want as patients via linking to social media and other platforms. So, only people who are looking for what you can offer will visit your surgery’s page.

Increase conversions

An increase in traffic to your site leads to an increase in conversions; this equates to more new patients enquiring about the services that you and your team can offer. If your surgery’s page displays your contact information and fees (which it will if we make it over), this will increase the likelihood of those site visitors becoming patients. All of the information that they want and need is displayed, making conversions easier and more likely.


Think back to the 1990s; the majority of dental surgeries would advertise their services in newspapers or the Yellow Pages. Some would even advertise on the radio.

But, these were expensive marketing options and could wipe out a dental surgery’s entire marketing budget in one go. So, by opting for SEO, you can advertise your dental surgery and staff without having to spend a fortune on the process. SEO is one of the more affordable dental marketing options with the highest return, making it a great strategy to invest in.


The ultimate goal of the majority of dental surgeries that we work with is to get as many new patients as they can, thus growing the surgery and keeping their teams showcasing their skills. And, of course, this has the benefit of more income and more patients with gorgeous smiles.

Overall, the key benefits to investing in SEO for your dental surgery are the success that it can bring and the smiles and patients’ lives that can be changed in the process.