Want to learn more about dental SEO? Our team at Dental Focus answers some of your FAQs

It goes without saying that in 2021, whether you are looking for a nearby vet or a mechanic, the first thing you will do is conduct a search online.

And while it can be oh so easy to assume that the results you see are just a digital version of the once famous Yellow Pages book, there is a lot more that goes into it. In the same way that companies would once pay for larger adverts in the infamous phonebook, many businesses have now turned their attention to purchasing the service of marketing teams and SEO to compete on the digital market.

So, when you are looking for experts in dental SEO, talk to our team at Dental Focus. With nearly 2 decades of expertise under our belt and a team made of the finest marketing minds in the business, we can guarantee that when you choose us, you are choosing the best!

But what exactly is dental SEO and why is it suddenly so important for dental surgeries? Our team answers these questions and more below. Enjoy!

What is dental SEO?

SEO is the process of making your surgery page more visible to search engines- the fact is, if you aren’t on the first page of a Google search, you are losing out on up to 95% of potential new patients!

And so, to prevent your surgery from falling behind, our team will put a plan of action into place for your surgery, to ensure that when someone is searching for a dentist in your area, your surgery comes out as the number 1 search result.

Is SEO an ongoing process?

Yes, it is.

While we will of course provide an initial makeover to your site and begin working on a blog for your page, SEO needs to be carefully maintained to make sure your site stays on top.

As long as you work with our team at Dental Focus, we will keep an eye on your page rankings, suggest edits to keep your surgery making money and getting new patients.

How do you measure SEO success for dental sites?

By the rankings and the customers.

As mentioned before, our marketing team will keep an eye on your page to ensure that it stays on page one of any search relevant to it. How do you know it’s working? Pretty soon, your surgery will be getting more phone calls and more internet enquiries relating to the services that you and your team provide. While each site has its own estimated turn-around times for SEO to work, you should notice a boost in patients within 6 months of hiring us.

Can my team manage this ourselves?

You could, but unless you are willing to make it your full-time job, you are going to struggle!

At Dental Focus, SEO is what we do and so, we will allow you and your team to focus on what you do best, while we ensure you keep getting more exposure and patients. Brilliant!