What is dental SEO?

There are many different ways that you can grow the visibility and engagement of your dental practice, and one of these is dental SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and this simply consists of methods that will push your website to the top of Google. Google is the most widely used search engine across the world, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for potential new patients.

The main focus of SEO content is the use of specific keywords, as this is the main thing that will boost your website to the top of Google when someone is searching for something relevant. When people search on Google, they usually type short phrases such as “Invisalign in Oxford” or “Dentist in Oxford”. These phrases are very easy to incorporate into your SEO content, meaning that it can put you at an advantage and boost your visibility.

At Dental Focus, we are proud to offer high-quality SEO content to you every single month whilst you are working with us. This helps your website move up the ladder on Google as much as possible. Our highly-trained staff can also help you to understand what SEO is, and how it can benefit you and your practice.

What are the different types of SEO content?

There are various ways that you can boost your website to the top of Google through dental SEO content. All of these methods can help your website climb to the top of relevant searches, which can help incredibly with business.

Blog posts

Having a blog that you post on regularly can be a very effective way of producing search engine optimisation. It can also allow for people to follow your journey as a practice, and follow the posts that you put on there, meaning more trust is gained from the people reading it. As well as this, writing these blog posts whilst using certain keywords will boost your website to the top of Google for people who are searching for relevant topics.


Although simple, including lists in your dental SEO content can be a great benefit, as it is easier on the eyes of someone searching, making it more likely for them to click on it. You also have the opportunity to include many different keywords relating to your practice within a list. This brings even more opportunity for your website to be seen on Google.


Including videos on your website and SEO content can be a huge benefit, as it can make your website more trustworthy and more visible on Google. Posting videos explaining things such as certain treatments, who you are and what your practice is like can be very effective in attracting attention from potential new patients.

Why should I use SEO content

To put it simply, SEO is one of the most effective ways of becoming more visible on the internet, which can boost the growth of your dental practice massively. If you have plenty of regular SEO content, as well as a smoothly functioning and visually appealing website, you can shoot past your competitors that may not have these things.

Many people may not know what SEO content is, which puts you at a great advantage if you are creating it. By learning about this, it is increasing your business knowledge and will be a great help to you and your practice.