A dental website to help you stand out from the crowd

There are many strategies involved in creating good dental websites and making sure that they stand out from the crowd. Most dental practices have dental websites to advertise their treatments and procedures, and if you have not already created one for your practice then you can be sure that you are missing out on attracting potential patients. Even if your existing patients pass on a word-of-mouth referral to one of their friends or relatives you can be sure that person will first look up your practice online and if they cannot find you then they will look elsewhere. Attractive and functional dental websites are essential in this digital era to ensure successful dental marketing and to help make people more aware of your business in this already overcrowded marketplace.

Dental websites are important because they promote good oral health and encourage people to visit the dentist, which is crucial for health in general. To make sure that you get the most out of your website, speak to us at Dental Focus and find out how we can help you. We are an award-winning, experienced, digital dental marketing company and we can take care of your marketing strategy for you. Here at Dental Focus we have helped create over 1000 dental websites in the last two decades, so we will use our knowledge and expertise to put together a dynamic website for your business. Helping keep your existing patients happy and informed, whilst attracting new patients to your practice at the same time.

The website itself will be made up of information with respect to all aspects of your dental practice for which we use the 7Ps of dental marketing, to make sure that we have addressed everything that a potential patient could possibly need to find concerning their dental requirements. The aim will be to present this information in a positive and user-friendly manner, including plenty of photos and videos to make it more personal and interesting.

Once we have created your website we will maintain it for you on a regular basis, so that it is always updated with new photographs and onsite articles to nurture any interest within your existing patients, persuading them to visit the dentist on a more regular basis and for your potential patients to eventually book an appointment and visit you in person. We also create individually written offsite articles and blogs which we then backlink to your website. Articles are written to create good content marketing for your practice. We do this by finding out which dental terms are searched for most commonly in your area and then we create articles with these terms in mind, so that we are giving your target audience what they are already looking for and showing off your knowledge and expertise at the same time, whilst educating people on the importance of oral health.

We will make sure that your website is mobile friendly, because studies have shown that the majority of Google searches are carried out on mobile phones. Your website will be accessible on all devices including desktops, laptops and mobile phones, making sure that it is fast and easy to load and looks the same whichever device the website is being accessed on. Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more about what we can do to help boost the success of your business.