An attractive and educational website for a strong online presence

Dental websites have many purposes, not only do they boost the success of your business, but they do so by educating the general public about the importance of good oral health. Encouraging visiting the dentist on a regular basis, rather than only when an emergency strikes. Alongside an attractive dental website you also need effective search engine optimisation or SEO which helps people find your website, because without good SEO your dental website may as well be non-existent.

If you are new to marketing or you just need to focus your time and effort on looking after your patients’ dental requirements, then you should speak to us at Dental Focus. We are a digital, dental marketing team and over the last two decades we have helped over 1000 dental practices put together bespoke dental websites and excellent marketing strategies for good SEO. Marketing trends are changing all the time, so if you delegate the marketing aspect of your dental practice to our multi-award-winning team, then you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. With our tried and tested methods, we will help you boost the success of your dental practice and attract new patients to fill up your appointment books and keep you busy.

7Ps of dental marketing

To create our unique, modern and attractive dental websites, here at Dental Focus, we use the 7Ps of dental marketing to make sure that we address all aspects of your dental practice. We need to ensure that any visitor to your website will be able to find all the information relating to their dental requirements in one place. This is so that they do not have to browse the websites of your local competitors for further information, as this may distract them when we want them to focus their attention on you.

First we will create or perfect the profile of your business. This includes the name and branding of your business which has to be memorable and recognisable, so that the local people in your area recognise your name, whether they see it online or walk past your dental practice in person. The profile of your business includes your USPs and the fields of dentistry which you specialise in, and the aspects of your business that make you stand out from your local competitors. We will include the people on your team and the premises of the dental practice itself and this information will help personalise your surgery. We will talk about the different treatments and procedures that you carry out at your dental practice and we will make sure that all information is explained in an interesting and engaging manner which is also easy to understand and accessible to all. The website will also include the prices of your treatments and procedures, and the treatment packages that you can provide for your patients that they may not be able to receive elsewhere. Once this is ready we will put together a system which will help maintain good SEO, so that your website can be found by a wide audience, a proportion of which will pick up the phone to book an appointment to visit you in person very soon.