Creating an effective dental website using the 7Ps of dental marketing

The majority of dental practices have good dental websites in place to advertise the treatments and procedures. If you have decided that it is time to put together a dental website for your practice then speak to our friendly and experienced team here at Dental Focus without further delay and make sure that you are not missing out on any more patients than you may have already done so. We are a multi award-winning marketing team and we have a huge portfolio of dental websites that we have helped put together over the last two decades with excellent dental marketing strategies in place to help continue the growth and success of our clients’ dental practices and now we are here to help you.

Here at Dental Focus we use the 7Ps of dental marketing to put together dental websites and this helps to personalise them and make sure that they are individually tailored to your dental practice, differentiate you from your competitors and help you stand out from the crowd and attract the maximum number of patients in your area. We will speak to you and your team and find out as much as possible about your dental practice and your business as a whole. We will address the profile of your dental practice and help you improve or optimise your profile according to what potential patients in your area want to see from their local dental practice. We will find out more about this by carrying out market research including keyword research and having a look at what your competition has to offer so that we can fill any gaps in the market and maximise on addressing the most popular fields of dentistry at the same time.

Profile, people, place

We will put together the content of your website with information on the treatments and procedures that you provide at your dental practice, and although this is the standard for all dental websites we will make sure that this information is personalised by including plenty of photographs, details and messages from you and your team as well as videos and a 3D tour where possible of your dental practice itself to help your visitor engage with you and the practice as a whole so that they can envision themselves in the environment and you can encourage them to book an appointment to visit you in person to address their dental needs.

Prices, products

We will find out and inform you about how the prices of the treatments and procedures that you offer compare to those of your local competition and where possible you may want to match your prices or if you are confident about your prices then you may want to offer payment plans to help promote your services further. We will also help you put together treatment packages such as smile makeovers which help differentiate you from the services that your local competitors may be offering.

Promises and proof

Speak to us at Dental Focus today find out more about the 7P’s of dental marketing and how we can use these to create a dental website which is working effectively to find new patients for you and is educating and informing your patients with regards to the importance of looking after their oral health and why you are the best place in the area to help them by providing quality dental care and excellent customer service.