Dental Focus- dental website design converting traffic into transactions

In our modern world, dental websites are becoming more and more important to commerce. From a 90’s novelty to a 2000’s shop window. Now, modern websites are not only an introduction or calling card of a business to its consumer, but also a major communication tool with forms and contact information being regularly sourced by customers.

As the website has become the new shop window and Google traffic has become the new footfall, SEO has become a key aspect of every business that operates using a clicks and mortar model.

Dental Focus does more than just ensuring that your shop window is in a busy part of town; it’s responsible for making sure a significant percentage of those passers-by walk through your digital front door. This is known as the conversion rate; the number of people who are exposed to the website compared to the number of the people who interact with it.

Through the use of progressive website design, we are constantly looking at the tracking information of how customers have interacted with the various pages of the web site, and which links they have focused on over which they have disregarded. We strive to produce sites with the highest conversion rate possible for our clients.

In the field of dentistry, it is the female consumer who leads to the vast quantity of requests for information but also booking for check-ups and treatments for herself but also the rest of her immediate family. Our dental websites are built with that key consumer in mind.

We also future proof our dental websites by being constantly aware of upcoming trends in online marketing. These include the importance of a business being visible via Google Maps, the interaction between Google rankings and linked YouTube video views, as well as the different forms of technology that people will use to access your website from widescreen smart televisions down to smartphones your website, has to look good, communicate and be practical to interact with across all of these formats. And as smart watches become a more popular thing, we will be ready to ensure that your website displays on them too!

Our website design has to take into account the precious commodity of consumer attention and consumer time. Most people are unwilling to wait more than a few seconds for a web page to load. It is therefore of paramount importance that all files and website assets are optimised and running smoothly from server to client with the lowest possible latency.

A modern web user is more tech-savvy than they ever have been and years of clumsy or poor marketing have given people a sixth sense of when they are being sold to, turning off or skipping ads have become second nature to us all. We integrate our advertisement and SEO techniques with high-quality content that is far more transactional than a normal advert, giving people genuinely useful information in return for their attention and their traffic.

For more information about how our expertise (both technical and marketing) can push your dental business forwards, feel free to get in contact with us.