Dental Focus dental websites- When dentists want you to accept the cookies!

Dental marketing services pride themselves on giving a complete package to our clients, with our experience from our marketing expertise and our high conversion rate from dental websites to legal compliance. If you cast your mind back a few years ago you may remember a time when NZ websites did not ask for permission for you to accept cookies for tracking information when you logged on them. It was the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR that made these consent forms a standard part of surfing the internet and one big reason why there are compatibility issues between our internet services and those operating in Europe.

When you are busy providing your customers with the best dental services you can in what has been an extremely challenging time, you don’t need to concern yourself with regulatory compliance of EU directives or what level of tracking and data collection is acceptable on your customers in order to optimise your website!  That’s what we are for!

We make use of cookies to keep a close eye on the movement of potential customers around our dental websites via the search terms they used to first find you and what links or images they are drawn to in the layout of your website. Through careful optimisation, we allow you to maximize your internet presence but also convert your internet presence into valid business.

First get the traffic then get the transaction

You may have a wonderful service to provide but if you do not have the presence to be seen it is unlikely that many people would discover it. By ensuring that your website receives the necessary targeted traffic of people seeking dental services, we can make sure the right people see you and that your page is easy, clear and informative. We are acutely aware that the number of customers who will come across your dental clinic by your site will be an order of magnitude greater than those who happen to walk by outside and making that extremely important first impression is something we do not take lightly.

So, whether it’s ensuring that the images on this site are well compressed and load rapidly or that the informational content of the site is genuinely informative and unique, or simply that it expresses the sleek professional medical appearance of a modern dental clinic, we are here for you. So if you’re curious how we can help provide you with a consistent stream of potential customers feel free to get in contact.

I already have a dental website- but it’s performing badly

We are happy to provide a revamp of an already existing website. Revamping involves less of a rebranding and more of exploring the backend and loading performance of your dental websites. Also, we will see if it is optimized with the current way that Google operates as the search rank algorithms are often updated leaving older websites forgotten unless actively maintained with a thorough marketing strategy or new content. This sort of rolling maintenance and content refreshing is one of our specialties here at Dental Focus!