Dental marketing using the 7Ps approach

The importance of marketing in an overcrowded market

There are so many dental practices available in every city, each offering similar services that it can seem a struggle to stand out from the crowd. To get your dental practice seen and heard and to attract new patients to walk in through the door it is important to have good marketing strategies and techniques in place. Everyone looks for their answers on the internet and therefore marketing needs to be carried out online to be able to target a wide audience and let them know where you are and why they should come to you.

The technicalities of online marketing can be complicated and time-consuming as technology is developing continuously on a daily basis and new techniques are coming into play to keep up with these developments. If you have not already considered dental marketing for your practice, not only are you missing out on attracting new patients but you may also be losing existing patients to the competition who most likely have up and running dental websites to lure your patients away. Without further delay speak to our team here at Dental Focus marketing and let us take your dental marketing worries off your hands and let you spend your time and expertise on looking after your patients whilst we work to help bring new patients through your door.

The 7Ps and how they can help you

The 7Ps of dental marketing begin by looking at the profile of your dental practice and addressing your USPs to make it stand out from the crowd. The next Ps include the people on your team and the premises of the actual practice itself and these will be showcased in a way to present your dental practice as a friendly, professional and approachable place,  inviting the reader to book a consultation and visit you in person. Another important P of marketing is the price of the treatments and procedures that you offer and these will be made transparent across the website so that the reader knows what they are looking at and whether this is suitable for them. If possible you may offer payment plans for your patients which will help your marketing further. The next of the 7Ps are the promises of quality dental care, good customer service and the proof of such service. For this, we will use before and after pictures of treatments at the practice as well as reviews and testimonials from existing patients. The final P of marketing is the products that you can offer that make you different from your competition. This can be in the form of treatment plans and individually tailored services which they may not be able to get elsewhere. Once all the Ps have been addressed the reader will be able to know everything that they need to about your practice and will be encouraged to pick up the phone and book an appointment. Speak to us at Dental Focus marketing and find out how we can start filling up your appointment books very soon.

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