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At Dental Focus, we create beautiful websites for dental practices using bespoke design to attract patients. We explore the psychological aspect of the patient’s journey on your website and help to inform them about the practice in a simplistic way. With over 20 years of experience in making dental websites, we know the best methods to gain new patients.

Ready for a beautiful website infused with cutting edge connection features? Webform submissions, patient smile selfie-uploads and online consultation booking platforms. Free up your receptionists and build patient relationships faster!

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why is a dental website important
Why is a dental website important?

We are living in a digital age and so it is important now more than ever to have an online presence. Having a beautiful website is paramount to attracting more patients and to keep your existing patients well informed. Not only is the website able to showcase your success stories but also can inform patients about all relevant news in regards to treatments and services.

Word of mouth referrals is still one of the strongest ways to attract new patients, now patients' first instinct is to Google your practice name. What do they see? Controlling this online ‘first impression’ is vital and having a stunning well-optimised website makes sure you’re making the best first impression possible.

Website Needs to Standout
Why your website needs to standout

The dental industry is one of the most competitive medical markets in the UK. The days of having a practice downstairs and living upstairs are long gone. Your patients expect professionalism and that includes having professional-looking websites. DIY jobs are going to put them off. With Dental Corporates battling for a majority market share and acquiring practices aggressively, independents can be left struggling for exposure. This is why it is important that you create the most eye-catching and informative dental website possible.

Our team at Dental Focus helps dentists at every stage of their online journey from creating the very best websites, to establishing your online presence to attract more private patients.

The dental websites we create are tailored specifically for you, our team will take in all your feedback on how you want your website to feel whilst also guiding you on what works for our most successful clients. Fully bespoke dental website designs; No concerns here about templates that feel like every other dental website!

what makes our service different
What makes our service different

Whilst the numerous awards we’ve won for best website design may assure you that we make stunning websites, we do much more. We have our own web servers and you will be able to speak with our host master if there are any questions you have. Our award-winning team has vast experience in dental website design and will be able to provide expert guidance and direction. We have a strong reputation built over the past 20 years supported by our relationships with industry experts. We provide in-house development in the form of our Client Service Team making website changes for you saving you time and providing assurance the website is being updated by professionals. Our team is here to support your practice growth.

Transform Your Online Marketing
Transform your online marketing

We will create the best website possible for you, one which is accessible from all devices. Your dental practice website will be fully compliant with dental regulatory bodies. We can provide you with standard treatment wording that covers an overview of the treatment as well as life benefits and how the treatment works. This means that you don’t have to worry about spending time writing the content for your website. Animated videos can be provided to help explain and promote your treatments to patients and keep them on the website longer.

We not only provide you with a stunning bespoke website as your foundation but also can provide you with strategies to drive traffic to your website, such as social media. Our team can run your social media channels to increase your visibility and grow an organic patient audience. Our in-house team of dental copywriters can produce SEO blog content which will be used to improve the visibility of your website on Google. We will track the performance of your website, using multiple parameters such as visitor numbers and conversion rates. Our dental website designs incorporate Google reviews so that all of your potential patients see proof of the high quality that you provide. We will create an extremely pragmatic website for you where appointment booking for the patient is as straightforward as possible.

what should be on a dental website
What should be on a dental website?

With over 20 years of experience in creating stunning websites, we have exhaustively collected research and compiled structures and blueprints to ensure you have an incredible dental website.

This guide is known as the 7 P’s of dental marketing. Everything from the Profile you would like to create, from the Proof of your treatments to the Prices on offer. If you would like to find out more about what you can do to improve your dental website then get in touch with one of our experts!

Why Do Dentists Need Seo
Why do dentists need SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a way to help Google position your website higher up in the search results. It is great to have a stunning dental website but it would be useless if nobody can find the website. Dental SEO is the best way to increase your authority and relevance in Google’s eyes. This in turn will help you reach the top of the search pages which is where most of the traffic goes to.

Your Website Creation
10 Commonly Asked Questions Answered

We are very pragmatic with our designs and we won’t make changes that you are uncomfortable with. We will review the website and evaluate its success in converting visitors into new patient leads and any other practice goals you may have. After this we will discuss with you the potential changes and come to a consensus on how to progress. However, it is likely that we will be able to keep the general aesthetic of your website if that's what you would like. We can do this while implementing our tried and tested techniques to improve your conversion rate.

No, you do not have to sign a contract, we expect monthly payments for our services and work on a rolling monthly contract for our Client Service Plan (CSP). For advanced marketing, the period of minimum notice may be longer.

We have the facilities to provide you with hosting and emails, however if you have a service which you are currently comfortable with you can continue using them as well as Dental Focus.

It’s usually around 2-3 months for the creation process with weekly calls with your project manager. However it could take longer depending on your ability to provide content, feedback and approval. The quality of content provided and speed of communication are vital factors in producing your website in a timely manner. At Dental Focus, we only make websites for dentists and dental practice, so we have a lot of experience in helping our clients acquire content where needed. We also can provide content, imagery, and video content to help speed up the process.

Yes, we have a transfer process to ensure a smooth and safe transition, we will require 30 days of notice beforehand to complete this process.

Our first consultation is free, so there is no harm in sitting down with our website team and going through feedback on how we could improve your website. We have over 20 years in the industry so if you like their suggestions then we will discuss progressing further. We also work with our clients to provide up-to-date SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and social media marketing. Many of our clients want to ensure their brand new website gets the traffic it deserves.

We have a vast array of existing clients, many of whom provide both NHS and Private services, so yes we will be able to provide a website which showcases the private dentistry services without alienating your NHS patients.

Yes, we make sure that all of our websites follow guidelines AHPRA so you don’t need to worry about any compliance issues with your website. Clients on our Client Service Plan enjoy ongoing compliance updates, even after the website has gone live.

We have the facilities to manage your website hosting and emails in house, and we would highly recommend that if you were to use us for your web design that you also use our web hosting and email services too, that way we can ensure that should any issues arise with your website or emails, we are best placed to solve them as quickly as possible. If emails or domains are hosted elsewhere, it can cause delays in fixing potential issues if access is not readily available.

This will depend on whether you have an existing website or not. If you are starting from scratch, our team will aim to get you a holding page up as quickly as possible. This will allow patients to find basic details about your practice, including opening hours and contact details. We will also work on your Google Business listing in order to ensure patients can find you there. Some clients start receiving new enquiries within weeks of starting with Dental Focus! Every practice and location is different, so the best way for us to explore your situation (and competition) is with a Discovery Call with one of our experts.

Featured Dental Websites

100% Custom Design.
We never use pre-made templates. Ever.

Successful Dental Websites using the 7Ps with Dr Geeta Perks
AHPRA compliance & advertising video by Dr Geeta Perks
Website Benefits
  • Bespoke Dental Websites
  • AHPRA compliance guidance
  • Treatment content wording written by a dentist and marketers
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Attract ideal patients especially for cosmetic dentistry, dental implants and orthodontic patients
  • MEDivision Video animations
  • Send a Selfie feature
  • Google virtual tours

Service & SEO Plan

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

The Service & SEO Plan means being here for the you, taking care of Monthly SEO Blog articles (for Google Search Engine Optimisation) and keeping the website up-to-date. All major developments such as banner animations, new pages, navigation structure or site-wide design changes are chargeable and quoted in advance.

The CSP will also provide you with access to the wealth of expertise and consultancy services in dental digital marketing. This covers the following maintenance and consultancy services:

  • Proactive 'critical point' thinking based on The 7Ps of Successful Dental Websites.
  • Website update requests for AHPRA compliance.
  • Website update requests for fees and team information.
  • Text and photo updates across all main content areas.
  • Monthly SEO Blog articles keyword-tagged and optimised for your location.

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Treatment Wording and Videos

  1. Over 200+ video sequences in the library.
  2. Videos are now higher quality and larger (400x225).
  3. iPad/iPhone detection and compatible videos (30-50% of website traffic).
  4. Videos centrally hosted for faster download and saving you web space.
  5. Video enhancements are automatically instant without waiting for website updates.
MEDivision Video Animations
Dr Derek Mahony
Dental Focus Marketing $ Suite 59, 738 Burke Road, Camberwell Vic 3124, Melbourne, Australia (03) 8362 3319 Dental Focus Marketing

I'm a specialist orthodontist here in Sydney. I have really enjoyed working with the Dental Focus Marketing team and the team is Geeta and Krishan. I have three websites one is which talks about myself as far as a lecturer, and which talks about the courses that I offer for general dentists who want to learn orthodontics. I have the main website which is for my patients I trust Geeta and Krishan with these websites because of their background in industry and they understand the dental market very well. Geeta is a dentist and based in Melbourne, and she understands our regulations on compliance with AHPRA.

Because they understand the dental industry, it's made it easy for me working with the team and I find that my numbers have really increased in numbers on my courses for the dentists that I teach orthodontics and suddenly my patient numbers have also increased. If you're a general dentist or a dental specialist and you want to attract more patients your practice or help your practice grow I would thoroughly recommend that you speak to Dr. Geeta Perks at Dental Focus Marketing. She really is an amazing resource!

Dr Mahnaz Syed
Dental Focus Marketing $ Suite 59, 738 Burke Road, Camberwell Vic 3124, Melbourne, Australia (03) 8362 3319 Dental Focus Marketing

The Dental Focus team has just completed our new website. Our website was quite old and was in need of a makeover. Krishan Joshi from Dental Focus was recommended to me from a dear friend of mine and ex dental colleague from London Dr Joe Bhat. I could not be happier with our new website. Importantly to me, it was service that the Dental Focus team which include Krishan, Toby and Geeta provided. Nothing was too difficult and the advice and guidance was first class. As a specialist referral practice it is important that our website is up to date and full of relevant information for both our patients and referring dentists. I would recommend Krishan and the Dental Focus team for any dentist who is looking for a quality website.

experts Chloe Geeta Sean

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