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Patient Attraction System

This 3-step Patient Attraction System is designed to get qualified patient leads into your practice. It manages your whole patient lead journey for your practice. It does this by:

dental marketing
  1. Targeting the right audience for your practice or specific targeted offering's needs
  2. Attracting patient leads
  3. Engaging and nurturing these new patient leads to help get them into your practice for you to convert into patients.

This system reduces the amount of time your front-of-house deals with chasing up leads and follow ups. It is designed to mimic the daily operations of your practice so you're only dealing with warm and qualified leads interested in coming to see you.

This includes management, consultancy and maintenance of the following:

  • Creating a bespoke Patient Attraction System for your practice
  • Offer Ad creation and content
  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Phone tracking and recording
  • Training to use the system in the practice, and dentist training about the offer
  • Automated emails and SMS's to excite new patient leads and ongoing patient nurturing
  • Ability to, in real-time, see your live patient lead and customer journey
  • Chat functionality
  • ROI trackability and reporting

Client Testimonials

Dr Dina and Dennis
Dr Dennis & Dr Dina
Dental Focus Marketing $ Melbourne (03) 8362 3319 Dental Focus Marketing

Review Quote Thank you to the team at Dental Focus Marketing. Geeta, Krishan and the DFM Team have been fantastic. When they say they will do something, they do it. Since starting with them we have seen a steady increase in patient numbers into the practice. They have made it very easy for us to understand our marketing from website development and monthly improvements, to SEO and Google Ads. They provide us with a lot of useful knowledge and guidance on how to build the rapport with patients that come through the website. We love working with DFM team. Highly recommend to dentists who want to grow their business! Review Quote

Testimonial from Dr Dennis Xanthis and Dr Dina Katriveisis
Principal Dentists at Family Dental Care
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dr Dan Sampanthar
Dr Dan Sampanthar
Dental Focus Marketing $ Melbourne (03) 8362 3319 Dental Focus Marketing

Review Quote Being a start up practice there are always many aspects of business management requiring attention. Online dental marketing was a foreign skill often masked in mystery and uncertainty.

Engaging Dental Focus Marketing has been a game changer. Geeta and the team are transparent and accommodating of our position and needs. The DFM team provides valuable video tutorials and online tools to help train staff and track the success of various campaigns. DFM has assisted in practice growth by attracting new patients through the expert use of various forms of online marketing. It has been a great relief to have found a team with the knowledge required to provide my team with the right guidance when navigating online marketing world. Review Quote

Testimonial from Dr Dan Sampanthar
Principal at Smile4u
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dr Cherian Thomas
Dr Cherian Thomas
Dental Focus Marketing $ Melbourne (03) 8362 3319 Dental Focus Marketing

Review Quote My revenue increased 100% while working with the team.

Very happy to be with entire team. The support is immense. The response is instant. Great job guys. Thanks Geeta Review Quote

Testimonial from Dr Cherian Thomas
Principal Dentist at Kooringal Dental, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dr Rui Gao
Dr Rui Gao
Dental Focus Marketing $ Melbourne (03) 8362 3319 Dental Focus Marketing

Review Quote Geeta and DFM Team are attentive, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. With recent events, they quickly created their own version of telehealth to allow dental clinics to connect with patients without physical contact. They show care towards the well-being of the dental industry and its people. If I ever have questions or concerns about dental marketing, website updates and Google SEO, I know I can turn to Geeta and the DFM team for trustworthy advice. Review Quote

For more information about building your bespoke Patient Attraction System contact us

Google Ads for Dental Businesses

When you need to find something online, where do you go first?

You go to Google. More precisely: you go to the first page of results in Google. There is no page two when it comes to Google searches.

And 93% of Australians do the same exact thing.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads is an auction in which you bid for your advert to be provided as part of a relevant search.

Success is based on how much you are willing to bid for each:

  • keyword
  • Location
  • Relevance
  • Searcher's past browsing history, and
  • The intent of the search.
Google SEO

The table below provides an overview of intent derived on keywords and search terms:

Keyword(s)IntentPatient MindsetCost
We don't know 100% if they are ready to book with or call your practice.They could be looking at various dental related themes.
Low bids
Dentist MelbourneHighCONSIDERATION/EVALUATION:Searches are looking for a practice and will review what each has to offerHigh
Dentist near meVery highDECISION:
I'm ready talk to someone in my area
Very high

Why would you use Google Ads?

  • You show up when new patients are ready and are searching for a dentist in your location
  • It allows you to find and attract local customers in the suburbs and areas you designate
  • Allows you to quickly display your phone numbers and jump into Google's map pack
  • Allows you to advertise for specific services that you and your associates provide.

Why are Google Ads effective?

  • Most business's aims are to be on the front page of Google for a given search. When it comes to Google there is no page two, as very few searches move past the first page of search results.
  • Paid advertising on Google allows you to jump straight to the top of the page, as a cost determined by the auction system as mentioned above. The dental industry is very competitive; Google Ads afford a way of getting in front of your competition.
dental advertising

Google Ads

Common Questions

Q: How much budget do I need for Google Ads?
A: To answer this, we need to determine what your practice goals are. After that we can give you an informed Google Ads budget.

Q: Is SEO or Google Ads a better strategy for Google rankings?
A: If you goal is to immediately increase traffic to your website, then Google Ads can provide this. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a better long-term strategy to improve the overall organic rankings of your website. At Dental Focus Marketing we can help with either approach or a targeted mix of both.

Q: Do people really click on Ads?
A: Yes! A recent survey showed that up to 49% of participants clicked on an Ad as the Ad was relevant to their query, concern or intent.

Q: How long does it take to get started?
A: Once your strategy is agreed, Google Ads can typically be created and active within 24 to 72 hours. This is the time that Google takes to approve Ads.

Q: Why use Dental Focus Marketing to run my Google Ads?
You can of course run Google Ads yourself. However, at Dental Focus Marketing we have trained Google specialists who can optimise Google Ad strategies for you: focussing on your real needs and intents and identifying where Google Ads can be best deployed.


Want to Learn More?

Request a free 'Performance Forecast for your practice'

What you'll get:

  • Estimation of the expected amount of traffic
  • Expected results for Google Ads based on historic Google data
  • An idea of what to expect when running Google Ads for the first time

If you already have an existing Google Ads account with access to historical Pay-Per-Click (PPC) data, then PPC forecasting is easier. We'll understand what your metrics are:

  • Costs per new patients
  • Click through rates
  • Bid amounts for your area
  • Understand what other practices are advertising for in your area


Display ads

Banner adverts are design banners which the Google Ad system can place on your behalf on third party websites. Google itself only shows text ads.



retargeting is targeting ads to visitors who have not opted in.

Retargeting is what we do and falls under the umbrella of Facebook advertising.

Retargeting is getting your adverts in front of potential customers based on their browsing and search patterns (cookies).


Facebook advertising

This involves boosting your posts or creating posts through Facebook's ad manager

You can choose your demographic and we can create lead forms or squeeze pages to get you in front of the kind of people you want to be seen by. As Facebook owns Instagram, we can also push Facebook advertising out to Instagram too.



This is a technique to make your banner advert 'follow' users, who have previously clicked on your advert, to other pages on the internet


Want to know more?

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