How to get IAAFA Ball tickets?

Independent research (Facebook Comments) indicates that UK dentists are all asking the same question today, “How do I get my creative hands on an IAAFA Ball ticket?

We can help! Get the very last IAAFA Ball tickets from Krishan Joshi, Founder of Dental Focus. Valued at £130 each but because you’re so last minute, it’s £150 per ball ticket. All profits go to the Lucian Joshi Trust Fund for Christmas Presents. The only way to get it for £120 is to wear the Dental Focus Wristband all day, everyday, in your bath and in your sleep.

It’s totally worth it because as one anonymous dentist reminded, “It’s a free bar!”

The heated Ortho debate will be moving from yesterday’s main lecture theatre to the IAAFA ball dance floor where we can expect a dance off between the good, the bad and the ugly.

The IAAFA delegates are totally excited about Bob’s speech at the dinner. James Goolnik said, “The two days of intense learning is going to explode on the dance floor.” Martin said “The charity background of the IAAFA is always raising funds for the Make a Wish Foundation and this is great!”