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Dr Graham Tinkler
Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

My name is Dr Graham Tinkler and I am one of the UK's leading Invisalign providers. I have been using Dental Focus's services now for a number of years. I had tried several different Dental web developers over the years with very mixed results until I hit on Dental Focus. The difference with Dental Focus is that as well as producing excellent results when it comes to SEO campaigns they are also very proactive.

SEO for Dental Practices
SEO for Dental Practices

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is essential for any business to attain its maximum reach. The days of flicking through Yellow Pages are over. We are now living in a wholly digital world. Nowadays, people are much more likely to search online through Google search results for their required service, especially if they are looking for a service local to them.

Your practice's digital marketing success is primarily dependent on its visibility on the first page of Google. While having a fantastic web design is great, it won't offer many benefits if the patients cannot find the website on Google. Google alone dominates over 86% of the UK Search Market, so you must be optimised for its platform.

Over 92% of searchers do not go past Page 1 of Google. So, if you're not on page 1, new patients will struggle to find you online. Also, word of mouth marketing is lost if you don't appear for your brand name online!

In some cities, Google Page 1 listings can help you average over 2,500 visitors in website traffic (per month) and conservatively bring in an extra 5-10 new patients (per month). This is why so many dental practices invest in Dental SEO Services.

So why is SEO important for Dental Marketing?

Your business needs patients who want new treatments. Patients search on Google if they need dental treatments. They've accepted this (in their mind), and that's why they are researching on Google.

If your practice website is first on Google (outside the paid ads), there's a strong chance these patients will decide to contact you. They didn't find you through an ad, so they do not feel like they are being sold. This makes them much more trusting of the dental practice. This type of marketing strategy pulls the patient to the Dental Practice instead of pushing them to decide.

These types of prospective patient enquiries not only benefit your revenue levels; they can also help your team's morale. Your team will be speaking to motivated patients, making them feel more productive and successful. Together you serve motivated patients instead of trying to sell to patients who are not interested.

Why should I choose Dental Focus for dental SEO?

As a Dental Website Marketing and SEO company, we have a team of Google SEO experts with a 20+ year proven track record in dental search terms. We have secured over 5,000 page 1 Google rankings for 500 dentists on the natural, organic and google map listings. Also, on these listings, we have managed to secure over 1,000 number 1 rankings. These results are not through paid google ads (pay-per-click) and are purely natural results based on Google's algorithm.

As a business, we understand dentistry's challenges (we've family members who're dentists), and we are fully aware of the compliance requirements when dealing with content marketing. We understand the challenges Principals, and Management teams face and that you'd rather not be bored to death writing blogs and navigating through a minefield of jargon-filled SEO reports. Why not let us get you higher up on Google so you can focus on what you love doing the most?

We've worked with all types of practices (Squats, NHS and Mixed). We've taken brand new startup practices and new websites from nowhere to globally dominate the most competitive cities. Read the case studies on the results and return on investment!

Dental SEO Verified Results Verified 4th Feb 2021

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What does SEO by Dental Focus mean for dentists?
SEO by Dental Focus
Peace of mind, so you can focus on hitting your treatment and revenue goals.
SEO by Dental Focus
Freedom, spend less time worrying about marketing and more time on dentistry.
SEO by Dental Focus
Reassurance, take comfort knowing that we are trusted experts who have done this for 20+ years.
SEO by Dental Focus
Growth, achieve sustainable marketing results which benefit you long-term.
How do we help your practice revenue grow?

Our Seo packages include campaigns tailored to your business needs and opportunities.

We will learn about your practice capabilities regarding the treatments it offers and the clinical skills it provides.

We will then carry out keyword research to identify the right opportunities for your practice.

This includes finding out how many searches are happening in your location for your treatment, if your current SEO provider isn't doing this for you, ask yourself what you are aiming for?

Once we have decided the keywords for your dental SEO campaign, we will audit your dental website and improve your website performance, keyword content, optimisation and speed.

We will optimise your Google My Business listing and publish SEO blog articles on your social media (if you wish).

We build your authority and visibility and help you dominate Google with our proven online marketing strategies.

On all campaigns, you are looked after by a dedicated Expert SEO Campaign Manager. They will provide you with simple monthly reports presenting how many emails and phone calls you have gotten from your SEO marketing investment.

If you're serious about growing your business and ready to get started, you can secure a complimentary consultation with our Head of Search Marketing, Naz Haque.

Dr Jaswinder Gill
six month smiles
Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

Hi All

Just to give you some results over the past month of June,

7 new 6MS cases started
2 new Invisalign cases started
2 new comprehensive ortho cases started

Just to compare this to the month of May,

1 new 6MS case started
0 Invisalign cases started
0 comprehensive ortho cases started

Gross turnover has gone up from £3,000 to £33,000, over a 10 fold increase.

This is absolutely amazing, when you also take into account the fact that I was away for 10 days in June.

A huge thanks to everyones help & support on working together on this project!

But we are not going to stop here, this is just the first month, and we have a new record to beat in July, so let's get breaking people!!!

Harry Singh
Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

Naz planned and implemented Search Engine Optimisation and Digital Marketing campaigns for my business which I was delighted with and which delivered multiple Google Page 1 rankings. This has benefited the business enormously and can be evidenced with a 36% of growth for business. Thank you Naz for your expertise and professional approach.

Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

Naz Haque is an efficient, trustworthy and likable person. I have worked with Naz as part of the Dental Focus team on a few different projects with great success. I have found Naz to be professional, accommodating and easy to work with. Naz always made time for us. Naz helped plan a SEO campaign for us which delivered page 1 rankings within 3-4 months and this greatly benefited us. We saw a 15% growth in our business as a result of the SEO campaign. I would highly recommend Naz for his business, digital marketing and google skill.

Dr Jaswinder Gill
six month smiles
Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

I cannot recommend Naz, from Dental Focus, enough. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty when handling our projects.

He has assisted me in drastically enhancing my companies online presence through our websites, social media and Google.

He expertly planned, and implemented, our SEO and digital marketing campaign which resulted in multiple Google page 1 rankings. On top of this he has introduced me to many useful contacts which has enabled me to develop other areas of my business also.

Working with Naz has had great benefit to my business. I have experienced a huge increase in patients, resulting in increased turnover and profit.

Before I was introduced to Naz, and Dental Focus, I was literally flying solo managing what marketing I could squeeze in to my schedule along with being a full time dentist, owner of three practices and a Six Month Smiles Clinical Instructor providing seminars nationwide. With Naz's help I now have a strong online presence and a fantastic marketing strategy which is being executed expertly providing me with tangible results daily.

I would not hesitate to recommend Naz, or Dental Focus to anybody who is considering taking their business to the next level.

Gemma Vann
Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

Naz has been assisting the practice I work for in enhancing their online presence and increasing patient volume.

He has planned, and carried out, our SEO and digital marketing campaign which has delivered fantastic page 1 Google rankings.

This has proven very effective and patient interest has dramatically increased as a result. Naz also handles all our other online aspects including websites. blogs and social media.

I am not particularly technically minded but Naz always takes the time (and has the patience!) to explain things perfectly.

He always exceeds expectations in my opinion, and is always ready and willing to help.

I'm really pleased we are working with Naz and Dental Focus as I can see it is having a fantastic effect on the practice. It is great to see all the positive results they are helping us to achieve. I would not hesitate to recommend Naz, and Dental Focus, to anyone.

Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

In a constantly changing promotional world we need to keep ahead of the competition and mobile is where it is going. We have had great results from our Classic website and with this responsive mobile website we are going to attract the mobile web user as well.

Dental Focus £ 11 Laud Street, Croydon CR0 1SU 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus

I find I'm using my phone all the time now for browsing and found my own website a nightmare to navigate. The whole team is delighted with the result- I'm sure patients will be too!!

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