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Social Media for Dentists

From £180 per month
Dental Focus £ Croydon 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus
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Dom managed our Social Media Plan, he provided fantastic support and was very responsive to our needs and over time we could see that having an active Social Media presence positively impacted our practice. It's been incredible to see how Facebook has helped raise the awareness of the practice in our area to the point that there is an overabundance of patients.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Toni John
Sandal Dental Care
Practice Manager

Why are Dentists Afraid of Facebook?

Why is Facebook important?

  • Over 2 Billion active users worldwide!
  • Over 1 Billion active mobile users.
  • There are 38 Million UK users on Facebook.
  • The MOST downloaded app on mobile phones with 30 million UK users per day.
  • 60% of UK adults have Facebook accounts
  • 76% of those user login daily

Why is Facebook important?

  • 20-29 is the most popular age group on Facebook, taking nearly 30% of all UK users.
  • 30-39 is the second most popular age group followed by ages 40-49 & 50-59.
  • 13-19 & 60+ have least active age group.

Why is Instagram important?

  • 800 million monthly active users.
  • 80% of users follow 1 or more businesses on Instagram.
  • Most recent figures show there are 16.7 Million monthly users in the UK.
  • The most popular age groups on Instagram are between 18 - 34.

Why Social Media for Dentists?

  • Brand – Increase the awareness of your practice to your ideal patients within your local community.
  • Engage – With your online community to build relationships, gain trust & loyalty. Earn respect & long term connection with patients, stay relevant and separate yourself from the competition.
  • Grow - Promote & grow the culture of your practice and give back to your community.
Dental Focus £ Croydon 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus
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Our business is thriving, we have strong social media marketing plans, an excellent google rating and our website is second to none. We have even been as lucky to purchase a new location! None of this could have been possible without the team at Dental Focus.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Becky Maguire
Liverpool Smile Studio
Marketing Coordinator

Managing a Social Media Plan

Who will be responsible for your Facebook page?

We work with 3 types of clients, providing social media for dentists:

  1. Those who work with us directly
  2. Those who choose a Social Media Champion in their practice to work with us
  3. Those who want us to take care of it all

What is included in a Social Media Plan?
From £180 per month

  • Weekly activity & monitoring on your Facebook page
  • Cover photo and logo changes upon request
  • Boosted posts
  • Monthly analytic reports from Dental Focus
  • Guidance and direction
  • Compliance
  • Emergency posting upon request

Types of Post

Special Offers

Videos & Reviews

Visual Content

Social Media for Dentists
Dental Focus £ Croydon 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus
Reviewed by on

Working with Chris and the Social Media Plan has been really wonderful. It's great to see the increased activity for our online community and the regular engagement for patients. As Facebook is constantly changing it's nice to know that Dental Focus can help keep us up to date and relevant with new ideas and strategies. We hope to continue building our brand awareness online and the Social Media Plan is an important part of that.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Sarah Enright

What will the content be?

  • Engaging visual content, to encourage shares and likes
  • Monthly competitions
  • Cultural posts relevant to your community
  • Videos, either of your practice or the brands you work with
  • Prize giveaways, special events and promotions which we can then boost.

    Social Media Plan Set-Up £480

  • Profile Image
  • Video Banner Cover
  • Services
  • Page Tags
  • Contact Details
  • Tab Management
  • Post Preparation
  • Facebook Insights
  • Social Analytics
  • Google Analytics
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Healthy Smile Centre

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