Successful dental websites; what do they have in common?

Websites reflect quality, and if you run a dental surgery, you will want a website that can aptly reflect the high-quality services that you and your team can offer.

A dental surgery website should be stylish, easy to use and accessible to as many people as possible while also being optimised for search engine optimisation or SEO.

If this all sounds complicated at the moment, don’t worry! We can help make it easier.

At Dental Focus, we have been making over dental websites for nearly 20 years and can ensure that when you choose our team to oversee your marketing campaign, we will get you to the top page on Google rankings within 6 months. Great stuff!

As an interesting side point, you may be wondering what makes certain dental websites successful and what may be keeping yours out of sync with the competition. Read on to find out what our team thinks makes a great marketing website for dental surgeries.

High quality content

Content is key to not only informing your patients about what services you and your team offer but also helping you attract those all-important Google bots, which will rank your page higher on their search engine pages.

Great dental websites have targeted content around the trending keywords. When you come to our team at Dental Focus, we can make sure that your blog and website landing pages have all of the appropriate and trending keywords while also making sure that the content is 100% unique and informative.

Web security

Your website will handle sensitive information about your patients, such as their addresses, and you will want to ensure that these files do not get hacked.

Our team can encrypt your page by using an SSL service; if you have a login page for your patients, they will have to use a minimum 2-factor authentication process, and this will keep hackers out and keep all of your patients’ information safe.

Responsive design

Research has found that most people search for services on a mobile device, like a smartphone. So, for your website to pull its weight, it will need to be responsive to the different devices that will be accessing it.

This will also help with optimisation and get the page ranked higher, but it will also allow you to showcase the services that your team can offer to as wide an audience as possible. And it is a service that our team can oversee too!

Social media links

Linking your surgery page to social media will help the overall page to get more likes and shares, thus boosting your surgery’s recognition.

The more well-known your surgery page is on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the more backlinks you will get that are of high quality, and the more your webpage will climb on those first pages of Google.

Placing social media buttons is one of the things that our team can offer during your website makeover. So, simply state which platforms you want to be on, and we will make it happen!