The importance of dental SEO in boosting your business

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the key to strong and successful dental marketing. Without this, it would be extremely difficult to attract new patients, especially in this era of digital technology where everyone searches for their answers on Google. Dental SEO is a system of techniques and strategies which helps Google recognise that your website has the answers that a potential patient is looking for.

When a potential patient types in a dental query, Google generates a list of results. With good dental SEO, you can make sure that your website will always be on the first page of those results and as close to the top as possible. This requires knowledge of the continuous changes in the techniques that Google uses to generate the search results list. This is a time-consuming process and, without in-depth knowledge of information technology, it can be complicated to accomplish.

Speak to us at Dental Focus to find out about dental SEO and how we can help put together a system that attracts patients 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. If you delegate your dental marketing to our experienced and knowledgeable team, then you can focus your efforts on looking after your patients’ dental needs rather than spending hours trying to market your practice. This is not the best use of your time so, speak to our team today so that we can attend to these matters for you.

Google Maps

Google uses almost 200 different algorithms to generate its search results lists. You may have an amazing dental practice, a fantastic team and an attractive dental website; however, if you cannot be found on Google’s search results list, then you may as well be non-existent because it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd unless you have a strong online presence.

By creating a Google My Business page, you can get your dental practice on the virtual map. This helps patients find you as soon as they type in the word ‘dentist’. Make sure your details are accurate and also include a quick summary of your dental practice or areas of speciality. This will encourage patients to call you with the click-to-call feature.

An important website, blogs and articles

Our team, here at Dental Focus, will create an eye-catching, modern and bespoke website for your dental practice. We will then regularly create dental content that is informative and engaging, offering solutions for patients’ problems. Created by our writing team, each month you will have new off-site articles, on-site articles and blogs to share with your audience and these will be based on dental terms that are popular in your area. By using reporting and analytical tools, our team will find out what does and does not work in your area and address both aspects to help attract a wide range of patients to your dental practice. So, speak with us at Dental Focus today and find out more about how we can help boost the success of your dental practice.