Chris Barrow – International Dental Business Coach Part Two

In part one we covered what a dental business coach can offer your business as well as the range of dental marketing services offered by Dental Focus Marketing, this article continues Coach Barrow’s interview with Dr Geeta Perks.


Dental Marketing


Imagine you are part of an Olympic rowing team and every decision you make in your personal and professional life needs to be able to answer the question’ “Will it make the boat go faster?” If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then you don’t follow through with the idea, and a business coach will be there to ask you this question, in different forms of course, but the essence remains: “Will what you have just suggested help you reach your goals?”



Our obligation to you goes hand in hand with focus, having regular meetings with your coach where you report on tasks and targets that the two of you set out and agreed on as being relevant, will hold you accountable to seeing them through thus keeping you on track. You alone are responsible for your business’ success, but when you are accountable to someone it makes your chances of success that much higher as you are not going it alone; there is a coach there who is dedicated to guiding you through, making you feel less overwhelmed, and more motivated by providing you with the structure that will help your goals remain visible.



Our dental business coaching has past experience with many clients, having worked with different sized dental practices over the last couple of years we can offer you a wide range of understanding, knowledge, and experience in the dental industry to help you attract patients and run your business successfully. 


A dental business coach in the UK and Australia knows what works and likewise knows what doesn’t work, you can rest assured and trust that we know what we are talking about if we say to you that a particular idea may not be as beneficial as you may like it to be because we’ve seen it done before and advise that you allow us the benefit of saving you the trouble of going down a not so lucrative path.


How do dentists attract patients?


So you have a practice going, it’s in a pretty good location but you’re struggling to get bums on seats, not just your walk-ins with a sore tooth but dental implant patients, orthodontic patients or veneer patients; the kinds of patients you want to keep long term, how do you attract them to your business? These are the patients that you want to be targeting with your dental marketing, the patients that will give you the biggest return on investment of your marketing budget.


The keyword here is ‘business’, how do I attract patients in the UK and Australia to my business? First we have to answer what kind of business it is, and then we can break down how that business structure works and where the patients fit in.


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