Bespoke, award winning dental practice websites by Dental Focus

Digital dental marketing can be highly effective at getting your message across to a large audience within a short amount of time; however, it can be complicated to maintain for those who are untrained in information technology. Get in touch with Dental Focus. We are a worldwide digital marketing company that specialises in creating modern, bespoke dental websites. We will use our knowledge and expertise to create a fantastic dental website or audit and enhance your existing website to ensure that it works to its maximum potential to attract new patients and boost the success of your dental practice.


To create your website, we will find out more about you and your practice. Dental websites can be quite repetitive; therefore, we will help you create a memorable profile for your dental practice; this includes strong branding, USPs and a target demographic to whom you will tailor your marketing campaign. This information will be displayed throughout your marketing campaign and on the homepage of your website and used to create an impression in the minds of prospective patients that they will be able to receive quality dental care and fantastic service at your dental practice.

People & premises

Next, we focus on the people on your team and the premises of your dental practice. This information helps us to make sure your website is highly personalised. Patients would want to familiarise themselves with you and the other dentists who may be treating them. So by including plenty of photographs, videos and messages from your team, you can ease your patients’ nerves and encourage them to address their dental needs with you. Professional photos and a corporate video of your dental practice will help patients familiarise themselves with the surroundings too.


Prices are a crucial factor that patients consider when they decide where to undergo their dental treatments. If your prices are higher than that of your competitors, then you need to justify your prices by emphasising the quality of dental care you provide and offering patients payment plans to show that they can afford the expensive treatments more easily.

Promises & proof of quality dental care

Reassuring patients that you can offer high-quality dental care is important in order to encourage them to visit you rather than the other dental practices in your area. When you promise a high standard of service, you need to be able to prove that you are capable of it; this includes presenting plenty of reviews and testimonials for prospective patients to read for themselves. Patients are likely to visit a dental clinic with excellent reviews whilst most will hesitate to visit one with negative reviews. By analysing the reviews left by your patients, you will be able to understand how satisfied your patients are and adapt your services accordingly. Therefore, reviews are important not only for your patients but also for you.

Speak to us at Dental Focus today and learn more about our dental websites and how we can create a fantastic one for you.