Dental websites with all the answers

Dental websites are key for good dental marketing. In an era where digital marketing has replaced the majority of traditional marketing techniques, a good dental website is the most important tool for attracting new patients and retaining the attention of existing patients.

To make sure that you have a fantastic dental website for your dental practice you need to speak to us at a dental focus today. We are a multi award-winning digital dental marketing team with almost 2 decades of experience in creating excellent dental websites and a strong online presence for your dental practice that helps you stand out from the crowd and attract new patients to help grow your business. It is important that your website is modern, bespoke and in keeping with current trends but also offering patients something extra which they cannot get with the other dental practices in your area. To make sure of this, speak to our dental marketing team to find out more.

What does a successful website need?

Our specialist marketing team will carry out competitor analysis and find out about the fields of dentistry which the other practices in your area specialise in, the techniques and procedures that are most popular at the other practices and special offers and promotions which they offer their patients. We will find out everything we need to know about your dental practice, using our tried and tested strategy of the 7Ps of dental marketing and we will combine this information with the research from the competitor analysis to create a website that addresses all your patients’ dental needs.

We will make sure that the content of your website addresses the profile of your business, including your branding and your unique selling points. We will use this information to create a fantastic homepage as well as an attractive landing page to engage with potential patients and encourage them to explore the rest of your website. When they enter the website they will find plenty of interesting and relevant information on the treatments and procedures that you have to offer at your dental practice. We will make sure that all products and prices are clearly visible and comprehensive, offering payment plans where possible as well as promotions or individually tailored treatment plans which they cannot get at the other practices in the area. Reviews and testimonials are an important part of a website as they help to build a trust and reassurance of good dental care and wonderful customer service. We will also make sure that the website is highly personalised so that potential patients can familiarise themselves with the people in your team and the surroundings of your practice, encouraging them to book an appointment to visit you in person very soon.

Dental websites consist of a lot of information which is both necessary for the marketing of your dental practice as well as being educational to help promote better oral health for your patients. We will make sure that this information is presented in an interesting and engaging manner. We will break up the written content with plenty of photographs and videos of successful treatments being carried out at your dental practice and we will make sure that the website itself is easy to navigate with each page loading instantly and accurately making sure that everything is in working order. Speak to us at dental focus today, for a fantastic modern website for your dental practice.