#PPBuzz! Practice Plan’s Practice Management Conference 2014 in Bolton Reebok Stadium

Practice Plan's Practice Management Conference 2014Practice Plan’s Practice Management Conference 2014 #PPBuzz! is being hosted today on Friday 6th June at the impressive Bolton Reebok Stadium. Organised by Practice Plan and hosted by keynote speaker Sheila Scott include other top speakers Kevin Lewis, Steve Brown, Nigel Jones, Steve Philips, Krishan Joshi and Alfie Jones. Krishan Joshi Founder of Dental Focus will be speaking with Alfie Jones on digital marketing for dental practice managers and dentists.

Krishan said, “I’m thrilled to be invited by Practice Plan and part of this year’s Practice Management Conference. Today is a big day and my lecture with Alfie is going to be full of website marketing tips and advice. I’m very excited to perform the first official LIVE demo of Google Page 1 in 15 Minutes. I’ll be covering the latest patient acquisition techniques at Dental Focus and understanding the psychology of new patients on the Web. We will be sharing the Blueprint for Emotional Dental Websites including our structured pathway to collecting the right patient testimonials: The 8 Patient Concerns. Alfie will cover the importance of responsive and mobile websites as well as social media integration in Google search engine marketing.”

Digital Marketing Aims and Objectives for Practice Management Conference 2014 includes:

  • Google Page 1 in 15 Minutes
  • Blogs, Twitter and Facebook
  • Responsive Mobile Websites
  • Social Media for Google
  • Emotional Websites
  • The 8 Patient Concerns
  • Blueprint to New Patient Acquisition

The Practice Management Conference will be in Reading next on Friday 27th June and in Edinburgh on Friday 7th November.

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