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A Bespoke Dental Chatbot Your Patients Will Love

Add the Dental Focus Chatbot to your website from just £59 per month (for DF Clients). For non-DF clients please enquire for a quote.

Ensuring your patients are looked after is always a top priority for any dental practice and this should extend to your website too. Often, patients are expected to navigate a dental practice’s website to find what they are looking for. Whereas, if they were to come into the practice, a team member would almost certainly ask them “How can we help?”.


Introducing: The Dental Focus Chatbot

Designed to proactively engage your dental website’s users to help them with their visit, the Dental Focus Chatbot has proven to be incredibly successful for a lot of our top clients.

You may be thinking: “But I don’t like chatbots”. That’s likely because you have had bad experiences with them or prefer to be left alone. The fact is, a lot of patients now expect them and we have seen incredible engagement on our websites that have added them.


The Benefits of a Dental Chatbot

Adding the Dental Focus Chatbot to your website can help to provide better customer service to your patients. It can also save your practice time by answering common questions that take up your phone lines, such as “Are you taking new NHS Patients?” or “How much is a Dental Implant?”. The Dental Focus Chatbot can also generate revenue for a practice by helping to nurture potential patients, especially during evenings and weekends when the practice is closed.


A Customisable Dental Chatbot

Whereas other chatbots can stick out like a sore thumb on websites because they keep the maker’s branding, ours is designed to match the colour scheme of the site and even includes your logo. This helps to keep the experience consistent for the patient and ensure your practice stays front and centre. The script is also fully customisable, so you can have the conversation how you would want to with the patient.


Adding Dental Focus Chatbot to Your Dental Website

If you are a Dental Focus client already, or a client with a website hosted elsewhere, please feel free to fill out the form below to request a demo for your website.

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