Simple tips for successful dental websites

There are many different characteristics of successful dental websites. Most dental practices have good dental websites to showcase their businesses. To make sure you are in keeping with current trends and stand a chance in this overcrowded market, you need to have a modern and highly attractive website for your dental practice too. Here at Dental Focus, we are specialists in creating customised, modern dental websites. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the trends of digital dental marketing and what is needed for successful dental websites. We can help you stand out from your competitors and attract new patients regularly, eventually becoming one of the most popular dental practices in your area.

To begin with, you need a strong brand that is memorable, easy to recognise and able to let patients know your USPs and areas of speciality. This branding will be uniform across your website, your dental practice, social media and any other forms of marketing that are a part of your campaign. If you already have a brand, we can help enhance it to attract further attention and build trust and credibility.

Next, your website must have social proof; this means plenty of reviews and ratings for existing patients to show prospective patients that you are capable of fantastic service and quality dental care. Most people will not call or consider visiting you in person until they have read what other people have to say about you. Google ratings and reviews are excellent forms of digital marketing; your website must showcase the top reviews and ratings and link them to your Google account so that prospective patients can find out as much information as they need from the community.

Pictures and videos

Another important part of a dental website is pictures; this includes pictures of you and the other members of your team smiling happily to ease patients’ nerves and show them that you are approachable, kind and caring. You need pictures of the dental practice, including a three-dimensional tour if possible and, of course, plenty of before-and-after pictures showing quality dental care at the practice. The before-and-after pictures should display different treatments, including smile makeovers allowing patients to envision what you can do for their teeth.

Videos are also a great way of engaging with prospective patients. You can create video messages, talk about the services that you have to offer and teach patients the importance of looking after their dental hygiene. If you have any well-known or influential patients, then you may ask them to leave a video review that you can share on your website to attract patients further. Our digital marketing team will help you put together different techniques and strategies to make sure that you have a website that displays your business at its best and attracts new patients to join your patient list.

Speak to our website design team at Dental Focus today and find out more about successful dental websites and how we can boost the success of your business with a great dental website customised for you.