Successful dental SEO with Dental Focus

Dental search engine optimisation, or dental SEO, is a fundamental technique for the success of your dental practice. Dental SEO involves boosting your online presence and maximising the visibility that your website has in search engine results lists. When a prospective patient is searching for a keyword that is related to one of the treatments or procedures that you provide, your website must show up higher in Google’s search results list. There are many reasons for this. The higher you rank on the search results list, the more quality website traffic you will attract. The lower you are on the list, the fewer people will visit your website. Research shows that most people only visit the first five websites on the list. The more quality leads that you attract, the more chance there of converting website visitors into patients at your practice; this can lead to increased revenue for your business.

In the hands of the experts

You have likely heard of dental SEO; however, the techniques and strategies involved may not be familiar to you. We at Dental Focus are a dental marketing team with more than two decades of experience helping dental practices with their digital marketing, including dental SEO. Take it from the experts; without SEO, your dental website will get lost in the crowd. Nearly all dental practices have modern and attractive dental websites in this era of digital technology, so you must too. If you do, it is important that this website is maintained regularly and up-to-date with the current trends.

We come from a background of dentists, and we understand that you need to focus your time and effort on your patients’ dental needs. Leave the digital dental marketing in our experienced hands. Whether you have an existing website or need a completely new digital dental marketing campaign for your business, we can make sure that it is fully optimised to meet the current demands of Google and other search engines.

Google’s algorithms change continuously, but we have up-to-date knowledge of what works best. We will implement the techniques and strategies necessary on your website to make sure that you have a strong online presence and that patients can find you and search for their dental needs. If you already have a website, then we will analyse its performance and determine your ranking for keywords that relate to the services you offer. Our team will let you know how you can improve your existing website or whether we need to build a new dental marketing strategy for you. If this is necessary or you are a brand new business, then we will find out everything we need to know about you and your dental practice. When we create your website, we will make sure that it is optimised for Google from the outset so that you can start attracting patients immediately.

Speak to us at Dental Focus today and book your free consultation so that you can achieve a top ranking in Google’s search results list for dental practices in the area and become the most popular dental practice in your community.