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Extreme Business 2018 with Coach Barrow

Thursday 26th October 2017



Here at Dental Focus we are very excited about the new workshop programme launched by Chris Barrow for 2018. His intention is to share with owners and managers the very latest strategies and tactics that are being used by his top clients to grow their businesses.

He’ll be talking about marketing, treatment co-ordination, treatment plan presentation, financial analysis, leadership, management and a host of other ideas – delivered in his usual inspirational style.

Dental Focus have secured 10 guaranteed places on what will be a restricted membership programme and we’d like to know if you would be interested in becoming a part of this community.

We have an exclusive offer for the 10 Dental Focus clients. We appreciate clients going the extra mile and we have no doubt that having been on Chris Barrow’s course for a year, your social media presence will be a cut above the rest. To recognise and reward this, we are prepared to give clients who are on the full course and the Dental Focus Social Media Plan 2 months free at the end of 2018.


In January 2018, I’m going back on the road for the first time in 10 years, delivering a workshop and coaching programme that I guarantee will accelerate the growth of those practices attending.

I’ve had (and continue to have) the pleasure of working with some of the leading practices in the UK, Ireland and around the world and I want to pass on the best ideas in the business of dentistry to more independent practice owners over the next 10 years.

Whether you are a start-up or established, single or multiple site, GDP or specialist referral practice – this programme will make a huge difference – I know it because 2017 has been a year of growth for my existing clients.


Executive Summary

I’m looking for 40 dental practice owners who want 2018 to be a momentous year for their personal and professional development and who want their management teams to be the best in the business.

The key words associated with this programme will be KNOWLEDGE and ACCOUNTABILITY.



  • I’ll be delivering full-day, quarterly workshops in 3 locations
    • Central London – maximum 15 practices
    • Manchester – maximum 15 practices
    • Central Scotland – maximum 10 practices
  • Attendance by owners, managers (business/clinic/front desk/marketing) and TCO’s
  • A year-long curriculum focused on the philosophies of Profitable Dental Practice and The E-Myth Dentist and my 20 years of dental business coaching (copies of both books will form part of your workshop material) PLUS all updated to reflect current market trends:
    1. Constructing your business vision
    2. Low cost internal marketing for new patients
    3. How to deliver a remark-able patient experience
    4. Understanding money and numbers in the business of dentistry
    5. How to make your associates profitable
    6. The treatment planning process and presentation
    7. Leadership, management and team-building
    8. Personal organisation and time management
  • Each workshop will include printed workbooks, self-assessment tools, spreadsheets, templates, protocols and infographics
  • All workshops will be relevant for CPD purposes



  • You and your managers will complete a monthly progress report that will identify key achievements in the areas of:
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • The Patient Experience
    • Operations
    • Team
    • Overall Strategy
  • As your coach, I will hold you and your managers accountable for completion of the report and will give feedback and direction each time



  • Your managers will complete a weekly tracker, in which they identify key achievements during the week and objectives for the following week
  • As your coach, I will hold your managers accountable for completion of the tracker and will give feedback and direction each time



  • Throughout the programme year, you and your managers will have unlimited access to me as business coach, via email and Skype/Facetime as required
  • I will act as a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to you and your managers, holding myself responsible for making 2018 an outstanding year of progress for you and your business



Programme members (owners and managers) will have access to The Coach Barrow Tribe – a private Facebook Group which already has 300+ members and is populated ONLY by Coach Barrow clients (and their managers) past and present – in that group we have already and continue to share ideas, templates, spreadsheets, marketing collateral and Q&A threads – a place where you can ask questions and get rapid answers from your peers.

At each workshop, you will meet with colleagues at various stages of business development – I want the workshops to be relevant for those who may be just starting out on their ownership journey (opening or buying their first practice), those who have established businesses and are looking to break through a glass ceiling and those who have ambitious growth plans and want to create a dynamic environment in which their managers can survive and thrive.



The year-long programme (January to December) will require an investment of just £600 pcm (inclusive of VAT) per dental business.

I want Coach Barrow to become the lowest-paid full-time team member in your business for 2018 – making the biggest difference.

Your investment will include attendance at the workshops, all marketing collateral, monthly reporting, weekly tracking and all daily coaching.

The investment will include 2 free places at each workshop, additional attendees will require a further investment of £75 per head (inclusive of VAT).

London Manchester Scotland
Quarter 1 Monday 22nd January Tuesday 30th January Monday 15th January
Quarter 2 Monday 16th April Monday 30th April Thursday 12th April
Quarter 3 Monday 9th July Wednesday 11th July Wednesday 18th July
Quarter 4 Monday 1st October Wednesday 3rd October Thursday 11th October

Final locations TBA but will be chosen for easy access by air, rail and road.

If you cannot make the quarter date at your usual location – feel free to transfer to an alternative location and meet new clients.


Bonus offers

I’ll be holding 2 weekend retreats for clients in 2018 and members of the Extreme Business 2018 workshop programme will be offered a 30% discount on the usual investment – representing a saving of £720 inclusive of VAT. (p.s. you can read below what one of the clients at my recent retreat had to say afterwards) Should you require an on-site visit for coaching and/or team training (full day), members of the Extreme Business 2018 workshop programme will be offered a 30% discount on the usual investment – representing a saving of £600 inclusive of VAT.


Money-back guarantee

If at any time during the 12-month programme, you feel that the journey is not right for you or that you are not getting the value you require, you can exit the programme and I will refund your previous month’s fees – no questions asked.



We will take a common-sense approach where two practices apply to join the programme who are in close geographical proximity – this will vary according to population density. In the case of genuine overlap, a first come, first served rule will apply.


What to do next?

To make sure that you can get 2 months FREE on the Dental Focus Social Media Plan when signing up for the Extreme Business 2018 with Coach Barrow programme, please email

To reserve your place on the Extreme Business 2018 with Coach Barrow programme, Chris will require a deposit of £600 inclusive of VAT that will be offset against your January fee – all future fees will then be collected on the first of the month by Direct Debit or GoCardless only.

Additional workshop delegate fees will be collected online before the event.

To register your interest and request a deposit invoice (or if you have any questions) – simply email me at quoting “Extreme Business” in the subject line.

Why not take action NOW to make 2018 a year to remember for growth, confidence, innovation and management development – why not just do it?


A Client’s Story

We have recently changed the whole physical structure of our premises, after successfully practicing for the last 20 years.

With the ever-changing dental landscape, including the advent of corporates both major and micro, we cannot just rely on the goodwill and loyalty of patients and team or a “flashy” looking surgery.

We are hard-working principals who are supporting our associates, but now need to focus on what we want and how the practice will develop in the next 10 years.

We want to work ON the business and not IN the business, therefore we need to restructure our mind-set and the way we practice.

We had seen and heard Chris on various dental platforms, and have always been inspired by his energy and extensive knowledge.

So, when an email popped up advertising a “couples retreat” focusing on husband and wife teams only this really appealed to us.

After 20 years of muddling along with only having limited business, marketing, HR training through various organisations and CPD lectures, we decided to do this properly and make our practice exceptional, successful and most importantly enjoyable for us personally as well as our team and patients.

The course was started with what we wanted to achieve out of the weekend, and Chris masterfully made sure that all our requests were answered, with the tools to achieve the goals we set, in a fun and relaxing environment

After the retreat we have a new “zest of life” and have changed our outlook both personally and clinically.

We are learning to delegate more rather than “micro-manage”.

We are putting into action the ideas we learned from Chris in making our lives more balanced and happier.

So much so our team and patients are appreciating the change, and our relationship has grown stronger.

Roma and Dipesh Patel
Ashford Dental Care

The 10 P’s of Dental Marketing Websites

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Chris Barrow

Chris Barrow, MD of BKH, coined the original “7 Ps” that became the pillars of creating a successful private dental practice website to attract high end consumers: Profile, People, Premises, Prices, Promises, Proof and Products.

At Dental Focus Web Design, we still believe it all applies but it’s now important to build beyond these foundation blocks because the Internet has changed and so has our web marketing strategies of attracting new patients.

Reflecting on our experience in working with 500+ dentists over 10+ years, this article seeks to expose the biggest mistakes dental practices make with their website and, in doing so, we emphasize the importance of the original “7 Ps” as well as suggest an additional “3 New Ps” to consider.

P#1. Profile

Dental practice websites are usually too busy catering for everyone that they do not stand for anything and do not stand out. The home page needs to be fast to download but also quickly understood. The look, the feel, the brand all need to convince your specific target patient that this is the right place. Your USPs should be clear and the targeted visitor must feel compelled to stay and click in less than 5 seconds.

P#2. People

Dental practice websites usually forget customer service is visually represented through people that appear professional. You need to show the personality of a happy and approachable team with great smiles. You need to look and read as the experts with the best level of customer service.

P#3. Premises

Dental practice websites need to stop showing scary dental surgeries, sharp tools and boring technology that mean nothing to the patient. Virtual tours using professional photography or corporate video need to focus on the feeling of luxury and comfort, showing patients what they actually care to look at, such as impressive patient lounges, classy receptions and boutique wash rooms.

P#4. Prices

Dental practices generally attempt to show their fees online but are confused on the benefit that brings. It is important to appear either reassuringly expensive and/or great value for money to attract your correct target patient otherwise you will not stand out.

P#5. Promises

Dental practices commonly forget that customer service has to be promised and the brand standards need to be stated. Patients need to know what to expect. This is all usually hidden and difficult to find or lengthy to read. Video and/or photography should be used to explain the patient journey.

P#6. Proof

Dental practices that think written letters and text testimonials are still going to attract patients are living in the dark ages. Nobody is going to convert into an enquiry after reading scanned-in thank you cards. You need before and after ‘smile photos’ to show clinical expertise and this means no blood, no gore, no metal, no tools and no retractors. You need full face ‘smile photos’ to show gratitude in your patient’s eyes. You need video testimonials to put ‘word-of-mouth’ on your website and deliver emotional encouragement.

P#7. Products

Dental practices are forgetting to differentiate their treatments. Websites tend to advertise the exact same services as others dentists so patients believe price comparison is the only difference. Personalising treatments and creating ‘branded experience’ packages are required to make you incomparable.

New P#8. Places

Many dental practices are still not aware of the importance of registering their website on Google Places to obtain a free local business listing. Google Places is becoming more and more essential for top Google Page 1 rankings and targeting local patients. You will not need to pay-per-click for your own practice name if Google Places has you listed at the top for free already. You also need to make sure you control your Places on social media sites such as Facebook and FourSquare as patients want to ‘check in’ virtually, which in turn is free advertising for you to all their friends.

New P#9. Phones

Dental practice websites are still containing Flash animation that does not work on the popular iPhone. Old design standards also mean your website does not view well on a smart phone. More and more Internet surfing is done on the go and in the palm of your patients’ hands. This cannot be ignored and should mobile phone compatibility should be a priority.

New P#10. Publicity

Dentists mistakenly believe that simply stating their website address on letters and stationery will attract patients to visit their website. Dentists need to understand that visual and conversational recommendation is remembered. You need to spend 10 seconds with each patient, turning towards your computer screen to ask them “Have you seen my website? If you’re happy with the treatment today, please visit our website, share us on Facebook, like us on Facebook”. These days, word-of-mouth happens online on a ratio of 1:100. Get your patients to talk about you online. That’s free publicity on steroids.


Watch the original interview videos on the 7 P’s here.



Krishan Joshi is “the Master” at Dental Focus Web Design.

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Chris Barrow’s 7 Ps of Dental Websites

Wednesday 22nd June 2011

New & Exclusive: Watch our video interviews with Chris Barrow, the UK’s leading dental business coach. We go through his “7 Ps of Dental Websites”. Understanding his 7 Ps is essential for any private dentist wishing to create a WOW website that differentiates their dental practice and attracts the high-end, discerning patient!

Scroll down, watch the videos and remember to share this link on your Facebook and Twitter or by e-mail!

P#1. Profile


Chris talks about the home page and who you are targeting. I agree, it needs to be quick to download, iPhone compatible, and the reasons to choose your dental practice needs to be immediately clear. Your USPs need to be understood on the home page within seconds, exciting the visitor to click and learn more…!

P#2. People


Chris talks about the dental team. You need a recommended professional photographer – talk to us. You need to show the personality of a happy and approachable team with great smiles. You need to appear as the experts with the best level of customer service!

P#3. Premises


Chris talks about showing off your building, reception, waiting lounge, wash room… instead of the scary dental surgery. I agree, unless it looks state-of-the-art and comfortable… don’t bother showing it.

P#4. Prices, P#5. Promises, P#6. Proof & P#7. Products


P#4. Prices

Chris talks about being reassuringly expensive so that high-end consumers know they won’t be sitting next to low-end consumers. Sounds a bit like the rich-poor divide but this is what the 1,000 independent dental boutiques (out of the existing 10,000 dental practices) will have done in order not to be swallowed up by the big corporates over the next 10 years (Chris’s prediction)! Decide where you want to be in 10 years time. If that’s too big a leap for you, then understand the underlying message of what he’s saying – remind the discerning website visitor that “you get what you pay for”. I believe that you need to show that you have fixed, transparent pricing but you should not compete on price, instead compete on great value! Remember, this goes hand-in-hand with all the Ps especially P#7.

P#5. Promises

Chris talks about brand standards – getting this right will differentiate yourself when it comes to customer service and creating a brand experience; reasons to choose you!

P#6. Proof

Chris talks about videos. I am extremely passionate about video and can’t agree more! Nobody is going to convert into an enquiry after reading written testimonials from Joe Blogs and Mary Smith. You need before and after ‘smile photos’ with no blood, no gore, no metal and… no retractors – this shows clinical expertise. You need full face ‘smile photos’ – this shows gratitude in your patient’s eyes. You need video testimonials – these create ‘word-of-mouth’ emotional encouragement. At Dental Focus Web Design, we know why and how your different levels of “Proof” works. How do you develop your portfolio and gain consent? Ask us!

P#7. Products

Chris talks about the ‘branded experience’ and you need to reflect this on your website. Everyone will be using Google to compare what you have to offer. You need to differentiate yourself online. I believe you need to create valuable packages so that your treatments become incomparable to your competitors. But it’s not just about the treatment, it’s about making that patient journey enjoyable and surpassing expectations. Brand your treatments, give extra value and bundle it together with a great customer experience… and reflect all this on your WOW dental website!

That’s it. The 7 Ps of Dental Websites by Coach Barrow. Read his blog and subscribe to his e-zine! You need to know what he knows, immediately.

Remember, if you need help in transforming your dental website and taking it to the next level, just get in touch. At Dental Focus Web Design, we hold your hand through the 7 Ps and really help you understand how to make them work – we empower you!

krish-blogKrishan Joshi is “the Masterat Dental Focus Web Design.

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Chris Barrow Dental Marketing Blog Secrets

Sunday 13th June 2010

Chris Barrow was voted No.2 in this year’s Dentistry’s Top 50 most influential. In my opinion, he’s the UK’s leading dental business coach; a true inspiration. When Chris speaks, you listen. His relaxed sense of humour gets you excited and energized. Check out this short video clip of Chris talking to a fully packed audience at the NEC in Birmingham earlier this year. Then watch my video interview with Chris about his seminar.

Chris Barrow has taught me about “the branded experience” and its great importance in dental marketing. It’s his thought leadership that encourages me, everyday, to shape Dental Focus Web Design to be just as innovative and helpful in all our dental web marketing strategies. Enjoy the 2 videos and remember to share this link on your Facebook and Twitter or by e-mail!

Video 1: Short Clip of Chris Barrow speaking to a fully packed audience

Video 2: My interview with Chris Barrow after his exciting seminar


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And watch this space, for more exclusive video tips from Chris Barrow.

krish-blogKrishan Joshi is “the Masterat Dental Focus Web Design.

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