Spread the word with Google My Business and digital dental marketing

Successful dental marketing is carried out using digital marketing techniques, which help you attract a wider audience quickly and effectively without having to spend lots of money. You need to speak to us at Dental Focus to find out more about digital dental marketing and how it can boost the success of your dental practice. In 2022, all dental practices need good digital dental marketing campaigns to succeed. If you do not have a digital marketing campaign, you may be a new dental practice; therefore, you must launch your campaign before opening your business. In this way, you can build brand awareness, trust and credibility within the area and attract patients to find out more about you and book an appointment to visit you in person. With digital dental marketing, we can help you do this. We can help you build patient numbers and eventually become one of the most popular dental practices in your area.

Google My Business

First, we will create a Google My Business profile for your dental practice. Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to upload as much information as you like onto the internet about your business. This means that when patients look for a dental practice in the area, yours will appear on the list and on a map of the area, showing where you are located, how far you are from the patient and how they can travel to reach you. It will also give the patient your contact details, including your telephone number and a link to your website. It will include the treatments and procedures that you have to offer and your areas of speciality so that patients are aware of whether or not they will be able to address their dental needs with you. Your Google My Business page will also mention your opening hours, emergency contact details and what other people have to say about you in the form of your Google star rating and reviews.

Google My Business is an excellent form of digital marketing, and by optimising this page, including photographs, updating the information regularly and making sure all the information is correct, you will be able to attract patients to find out more about you.

A modern dental website

Once you have gained the interest of potential patients, you need to make sure that they click on the link to your website. When they do so, they need to be presented with a highly attractive, modern website that showcases your dental practice to its maximum potential. This is the first impression that a person will make of your dental practice, and you need to make sure that it is a good one. You need a user-friendly website that loads immediately, and all the information should be easy to access, clear, simple, educational and informative so that patients are encouraged to look after their teeth and visit you. Let us take care of this on your behalf. Speak to us at Dental Focus today and find out more about digital marketing and how you can boost the success of your dental practice.