The three main types of dental SEO necessary for a successful dental website

Dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO is necessary for building a strong online presence and attracting new patients through the internet. Without dental SEO, you will become lost amongst your competitors in this already overcrowded market. You need to find out what the other dental practices in your area are offering and determine how to differentiate yourself from them. Speak to us at Dental Focus; we are a digital dental marketing team, and we can help you implement dental SEO throughout your digital marketing campaign so that patients choose you rather than the other practices in your area.

On-page SEO

There are three main types of dental SEO, and these are made up of many techniques and strategies. The first of these is on-page SEO. On-page SEO involves optimising the content of your website, including keywords that will show Google that you have the answers that your patients are looking for. However, simply adding keywords everywhere is insufficient. You will need to make sure that your keywords are included in title tags and meta descriptions and that the content is interesting and easy to read without being too repetitive or confusing. The website should be accessible to all, and each page should be laid out in an attractive manner that is also simple and quick to navigate. The longer that patients spend exploring your pages, the more Google will recognise you as a credible website and boost your position in the search results list.

Off-page SEO

The next type of SEO is off-page SEO; this is everything that is happening outside of the pages of your website, including what other people are saying about your website or whether they are linking to or commenting on it. If there are many links and positive comments, then these will all serve as signs of trust and relevance. If you have many links, Google will recognise that you are a credible website and once again boost your position in the search results list.

Technical SEO

The third type of SEO is technical SEO, and this is involved with the performance of the website itself. Technical SEO includes page speed, how fast the website loads and how easily search engines can access the website, making sure that the website is indexable and crawlable. It also includes characteristics such as mobile responsiveness, which is also crucial for a successful dental website and good SEO. The majority of prospective patients will access your website through their mobile phones, and your website must be designed to work optimally on all types of devices at all times.

To find out more about these different types of SEO, you need to speak to our multi-award-winning digital dental marketing team at Dental Focus and book a free consultation today. We have helped create more than 2,500 dental websites so let us use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve a top position in Google’s search results list so that you can boost the success of your business.