Modern, mobile-friendly dental websites

Digital dental marketing and a strong online presence are the keys to a successful dental practice. If you have a dental practice, then you must have a strong online presence so that you can attract new patients and grow your business. Patient loyalty is dwindling, and most people check online to find the best prices or the most enticing promotions to fulfil their needs. This can also be true for addressing dental needs. If you are not able to match your competitors with your prices, then you need to stand out and show patients why they should be addressing their dental needs with you rather than the other dental practices in the area. To do this, you will need a strong digital dental marketing campaign.

To begin with, your digital dental marketing campaign requires a good dental website. Dental websites need to be modern, attractive, fully functioning and strategically filled with interesting, educational and engaging content to encourage patients to undergo the treatments and procedures that you have to offer. Once the website is in place, it must be maintained regularly and updated with new content to encourage patients to revisit and learn more about you.

Here at Dental Focus, we specialise in dental websites and can make sure that your website is optimised for customer conversion so that website traffic results in increased patient numbers. There are many different strategies that need to be implemented throughout the website to attract website traffic and encourage patients to give you a call, so speak to us today and delegate your marketing campaign to our specialist team whilst you focus on looking after your patients’ dental needs.

A mobile-responsive website

As mentioned earlier, dental websites are essential, but it is also equally important that your website is mobile-responsive. A mobile-responsive website is critical for increased website traffic. Research shows that most local searches are carried out through mobile phones, including searches for dental practices in the area. Most people access Google through their mobile phones, 300% more than on their laptops; this means it is very important that your website is mobile-responsive and quickly accessible from all mobile devices. The website needs to load instantly and should be easy to read and navigate, and all pictures, diagrams and videos should be clear and easy to view without any unnecessary delays. Mobile responsiveness is very important for a good user experience, and we will make sure that your website is developed accordingly.

To find out more about user experience and how you can encourage more people to visit your website, spend time exploring it and eventually call you to learn more or book an appointment, you need to speak to us at Dental Focus today. You can book a consultation and, in the meantime, take a look at our website and find out what our clients have to say about us. We are an award-winning digital dental marketing team, and we have helped create thousands of dental websites over the last two decades. We can help you boost the success of your business too.