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Dominic Haslam

Dominic Haslam

Hi I'm Dominic Haslam, the Social Media Manager for Dental Focus, and I'm here to help your practice build a local presence through Social Media Plans. I'm also here to help you with Website Strategies and Marketing advice through webinars and consultations.

Born and bred in South-East London, I graduated from Kingston University with BA Honours Degree in Marketing & Business Management. I have spent three years working in the IT security and technology sectors as a recruitment consultant representing small and international businesses. During my tenure, I used my spare time to provide Marketing & Social Media advice to local businesses.

My areas of focus are:

  • Social Media Services
  • Social Media Guidance & Advice
  • Website Strategy and Maintenance
  • Website Updates, Upgrades and Developments

Providing a consistent and personal service to ensure your Social Media profile and Website is attractive to new and existing patients.

Building a high-quality and trustworthy working relationship with you by offering ongoing guidance and direction.

Outside of the office, I enjoy going to the gym, training in Wing Tsun martial arts & Professional Wrestling.

I also like to attend/watch WWE events, read Manga, play the occasional video game and organise social events with family and friends.

I recently participated in Tough Mudder and raised £766.25 in support of UK Youth because I believe that all young people should be empowered to build bright futures, whatever their background or circumstances.

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