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Service and SEO
from £270 per month
Dental Focus £ Croydon 020 7183 8388 Dental Focus
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Google and the website are the second largest patient draw I have. The first is people walking past. Over three years, we have grown by 40-50% and our turnover has increased by £100,000 largely due to SEO. I've effectively grown with Dental Focus.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Dr Adarsh Thanki, Camden

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

The Service & SEO Plan means being here for the client. We keep your website up-to-date and apply the foundations of monthly SEO for your dental practice for £270 per month. All major developments such as banner animations, new pages, navigation structure or site-wide design changes are chargeable and quoted in advance.

The Service & SEO Plan covers the following maintenance and consultancy services:

  • Website update requests for GDC, CQC, GDPR and ICO compliance.
  • Website update requests for fees and team information.
  • Text and photo updates across all main content areas.
  • Monthly SEO Blog articles keyword-tagged and optimised for your location.
  • Proactive 'critical point' thinking based on The 7Ps of Successful Dental Websites.
  • The CSP will also provide you with access to the wealth of expertise and consultancy services in dental digital marketing.

Encrypted Website Communications

SSL Encryption Certificate – FREE setup & NO monthly charge

SSL Google Technical Developments – £360 one-off

Installation of a complimentary SSL Encryption Certificate on your website requires robust conversion from http:// to https:// that ticks all the Google boxes otherwise you will lose your Google rankings. Scroll down to understand why and what's included!

When your website is encrypted with SSL, visitors will be reassured by the green padlock icon and 'Secure' text.

When your website is not encrypted with SSL, users may now see 'Not Secure' warnings in the address bar.

Hemant Patel's Story

Dental Focus have been emailing me for months about adding SSL certificate to my sites.

I have two websites by Dental Focus and a third for my NHS practice by another provider. I opted to go with a free SSL certificate for the NHS practice website from the other provider.

After adding the free SSL certificate, my practice diary became very quiet. An investigation found the website had disappeared of Google!

I spoke to Naz at Dental Focus who has helped to fix the issues, and we now have got ourselves back on Google Page one for some of our keywords. I also have invested in an SEO campaign now to help us recover the other important Google rankings.

I now understand there is much technical work to do for Google after adding SSL – which wasn't done. So, I lost my Google rankings. I wish I had chosen Dental Focus to take care of the SSL for my NHS website in the first place because it's now ended up costing me more money to fix everything.

Now I've got Dental Focus to add SSL for my two other websites too. These sites have not lost their rankings on Google! If your website appearing on Google is important, get the SSL work done by Dental Focus, so you don't end up spending more money to fix any problems later on.

Hemant Patel, Chipping Norton Dental Practice & Studental

SSL Google Technical Developments

Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) technical updates must also be completed because otherwise you risk Google errors and losing rankings because Google cannot find your new web address.

When you change your web address, your website will have errors unless the following website updates are done.

SSL Google Technical Developments worth £360 one-off

  • Updates to all internal links to point to the new https:// URL
  • Updating the .htaccess file
  • Ensuring 301 redirects are set up from each individual old URL
  • Setup of https:// in Google Search Console
  • Submitting a new .xml sitemap
  • Checking IMG, CSS and JS references within your code
  • Ensuring that all external references point to a https:// variant
  • Updating all third party scripts which use a live sync
  • Updating Google Analytics
  • Auditing website for broken images, links or files
  • Guidance and direction on steps that you may need to take

Encrypted Email Storage

Microsoft Office 365 Email Accounts – £48 setup and £7.20 per month per email address

We are advising our clients to make sure they are using Microsoft Office 365 Exchange email accounts because they are encrypted at rest/storage and the data is stored within the EU (unlike Gmail and other providers which are stored in the USA).

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange email accounts appear to be the best practice for GDPR and is recognised by the NHS, but it is important not to use email for sensitive patient data because transmissions may not be encrypted if the recipient does not support encryption.

Microsoft Office 365 also provides higher levels of security to prevent hacking and loss of data.