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Should I have a website for my dental practice?

Wednesday 12th May 2021

Here at Dental Focus, we believe that a big part of your dental marketing journey is creating dental websites. This is the foundation of your practice’s online growth, and will be a hub of information for potential new customers to go to whenever they want.

Here at Dental Focus, we create high-quality dental websites that are tailored to you and your practice. We will work with you to ensure that your website reflects your values and procedures as best as possible, and create inviting webpages for people to explore from the comfort of their own home.

What do we include in websites?

When our team is hard at work creating dental websites for practices like yours, there are many different things that can be added to boost it’s success. If your website looks plain and basic, it will be less inviting for the potential new customers that are searching. They want to see a website that looks good and functions well, as this shows that work has been put in to create it, and this reflects well on your practice.

Pictures and videos

When we create a website for your practice, it is so important that we add pictures and/or videos of things that represent your practice; such as what your practice looks like, the team within it, different treatments and more. This can bring a sense of trust to the person that is using your website, and shows that you are a real working dental practice.

Contact information

This is another thing that is really useful to include in dental websites, as it gives a direct and easy way for the person to contact you if they are considering a treatment. We can place contact information on every webpage, meaning that it can encourage someone to enquire if they are interested in one of your treatments.

Patient testimonials

When our Dental Focus team creates a website for you, it can be really helpful to give us some reviews that you have from your patients. This can be included in your website, and can further build trust with the person who is using your website. This shows that you have performed successful treatments for people and that they are happy with the results, which can really help to boost the likelihood of the website user contacting you for an appointment.

Advantages of having a website

Boosting visibility

The internet is full of so many different websites and it can be daunting if you have never had a website before. But it is important to realise that millions, if not billions, of people use the internet, meaning that there is certainly potential for new patients. With the right marketing and a beautiful website created by our team at Dental Focus, you can have faith that your visibility will grow and you can stand out from the rest.


When running a dental practice, you are most likely looking for ways to gain new patients and beat your competitors. Having a website can really help you to do this, as it gives you the edge over your competitors who may not have one. A Dental Focus-made website will always look great and function very well, which can help to make you stand out from the crowd.

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How do we make dental websites successful? An introductory guide from Dental Focus

Monday 3rd May 2021

It can be a tricky area to get right. How do you ensure that your dental surgery homepage is unique enough to stand out from the crowd, while also making sure that it looks and seems professional?

In the modern world, more services than ever before are finding their way online and when it comes to competing with nearby dental surgeries, you cannot afford to let your website be bland and boring. In a way, your surgery is yours and your team’s digital business card which has to leave a lasting and positive impression on everyone who visits it.

So, without employing a potentially awful gimmick on your homepage, how do you get this professional and unique balance right? You don’t have to!

When you hire our marketing team at Dental Focus, you are hiring a team that has overseen the makeovers of thousands of dental websites and can provide you with customised feedback on how to make yours more successful. We pride ourselves on making each page unique to the surgery it represents, allowing you to turn your attention back to your patients while we handle the marketing and makeovers.

But what are some of the must-haves we employ to make all of our dental websites successful? Read on to find out!

Logical navigation

Have you ever visited a truly awful website? What was it about it that made it so poor?

In our experience of working with dental websites, one of the biggest letdowns is messy navigation; in short, the pages don’t follow an order that makes it easy to scroll through for visitors.

And so, when you hire our team at Dental Focus to oversee your page, we will make sure that it follows a logical order, allowing patients and visitors to locate the information that they are searching for.


The secretive veil on dental care is falling and more patients than ever before are wanting to learn about the treatments that a dental team can offer.

In order to make your surgery stand out, we will help you to put together education videos, podcasts or blogs, so the visitors of your site can learn about the procedures you can offer. This will also help you to display your knowledge to potential patients, which in our experience is never a bad thing!


Do you and your team have glistening reviews from your current and former patients?

If so, we will put them on your site, which will allow visitors to see what you and your team have accomplished with already existing patients. We will also place before and after photos (if you wish) next to reviews of cosmetic procedures.


And finally, all successful dental sites have a regularly updated blog, showcasing brief articles about procedures that you and your team can offer to your patients.

Not only are these educational, but they offer the chance for backlinking and the using of targeted keywords, which helps to build your site’s rankings on search engines. Great stuff!

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What makes some dental websites unsuccessful? Our guide from Dental Focus

Monday 19th April 2021

Have you ever visited a web page and been immediately put off by its formatting? Or was there just something about it that you didn’t like?

In a world where seemingly everyone has a website, it is important that any website which is linked to a business represents the brand clearly, and is also, well, an attractive website! And as every dental surgery should now have an online page for patients to scroll through, having a functional website is necessary for your surgery to thrive and attract more patients.

At Dental Focus, we know how to turn drab, boring dental websites into successful parts of your business, which attract new patients and keep your surgery at the top of Google web searches. With nearly 20 years under our belts and with our team overseeing 1000+ websites, you can rest assured that when you choose our team to makeover your website, you are choosing the best!

But what makes some dental websites unsuccessful and boring? Here, our team highlights things to avoid with any dental web page.

No photos

Dental websites that have no photos are like chairs with 3 legs; the idea is there, but it is fundamentally flawed.

Any potential patient who visits your website is going to be looking for photos of what it is that you and your staff can offer. Whether its dental implants or non-surgical facial aesthetics, you need to have as many photos as possible displayed on your website to keep visitors engaged and interested. Simple!

Missing fees

We know that dental fees can be a bit tough to estimate, especially in areas such as adult orthodontics and dental implants, but if your website is missing on displaying fees then we can guarantee it will turn potential customers away.

When you hire our team at Dental Focus, we will devise a separate section for your surgery’s fees and make them clear to all those who visit the page, ensuring that they get the information they need to make your surgery the one they choose.

Slow loading time

Nothing turns people away from a website more quickly than a slow loading time.

Not only that, but a slow loading time will impact negatively on your site’s general SEO too, pushing it down any search engine rankings. Our team will ensure that your site’s home page loads within 4 seconds flat, to keep it high on the rankings and to prevent people from clicking away from it.

No blog

A weekly blog is a great way to boost your page’s SEO, but it is also a brilliant way to showcase what you and your staff can offer using specific keywords or phrases.

If you don’t have a weekly blog, you could be losing a shocking 91% of potential traffic to your surgery’s site.

Illogical order

Does your website follow a logical order? Is it user friendly?

If you aren’t sure, contact our team at Dental Focus to conduct an initial assessment of your site’s usability and ways to improve it.

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Want your cosmetic dental page to stand out? 5 ways Dental Focus improves cosmetic dental websites

Monday 15th March 2021

When you are browsing online looking at the webpages of different dental surgeries, you may have noticed a theme.

Based on the type of dental surgery (cosmetic, orthodontic), the page itself seems to showcase different information and may or may not have photos. This is not an accident as is linked to attracting patients to the services that the surgery can offer; for instance, if it is an orthodontic site, it will probably have animations of braces but will rarely have videos showing how braces are fitted.

Why use different formats for different surgeries? Because, simply, it works!

At Dental Focus, we have helped to design and redesign thousands of dental websites and know exactly what is required to attract patients to stay on your site and eventually contact your team. Based on your surgeries speciality, we will work with you to make it more patient accessible, friendly and easier to understand, turning those site visitors into patients. Great!!

In this article, we will be discussing one of the more common types of dental websites we produce, the cosmetic ones, and discuss how we makeover such sites to attract more patients. Enjoy!


If you offer cosmetic options and don’t have any testimonials or reviews displayed on your page, we will design a testimonial only page, so potential patients can see how your previous patients have felt using your surgery.

We won’t usually include entire reviews, but will rather palace segments onto the new page, allowing potential patients to scroll through them and click on the full review if they wish.

Photo galleries

Cosmetic dental care is all about appearances, so photo galleries make up a huge part of all cosmetic dental websites!

Depending on what you offer and how you want it to look, our website designers can set the photos up in a before and after format, allowing site visitors to see the level of expertise that your team can offer them.


Clarity is key to attracting patients and so, our website design team at Dental Focus will work with you to create a list of fees.

This may seem tedious, but it is vital to be open and honest with site visitors, as the cost of a procedure will be a huge factor in whether or not a patient chooses it. If you are able to offer finance options, we will mention that too on the same page as the fees.


Guides are great for breaking down how each cosmetic procedure will be performed but it also allows our writing team to use keywords and backlinks, strengthening your site’s position on Google rankings.

If you wish, why not make some of the guide’s videos or animations? This will once again attract those Google bots which in turn will attract more patients.

Jargon-free information

You will want to make each procedure you offer as simple to understand as possible, and our team will create jargon-free articles to promote your services, while also boosting Google rankings.

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Need to create a high-flying dental website?

Monday 15th February 2021

When it comes to identifying what people are looking for in dental surgery, you probably know what is needed; clean waiting rooms, relaxing music, soundproof surgeries and the option for patients to sip on tea or coffee while they wait for their dental appointment.

But what about when it comes to your dental surgeries website? Unless you are a uniquely talented individual who is specialised in dental care and website marketing or SEO, it is unlikely that you will know the best ways to make your surgeries page visible and successful on the internet.

At Dental Focus, our team are experts in designing successful dental websites, ensuring that the majority of your web page visitors are converted into real-life patients. With nearly 20 years of expertise under our belts and with the overseeing of some of the most well-known dental surgeries in the UK and Australia, we can ensure that your webpage will be a boon for your surgery.

But how do we design such high-flying dental websites?

No templates!

First things first, when it comes to designing dental websites, our team does not use a set of templates.

Templates, while somewhat efficient, lack personality and as we want to portray the uniqueness of your surgery, we will work with you to create a completely original homepage and website. Of course, we can offer you advice on having a more effective layout but overall, the design of your surgeries website is up to you!


Having videos on your webpage can make it more engaging and means that patients don’t have to scroll through pages of content to find out about procedures that you can offer.

It is also useful when introducing lesser-known dental procedures, such as the fitting of dental implants, to show potential patients how it is done.

Depending on taste, you can choose to either have a member of your team appear in the video or we can help create an animation of the treatment.


Did you know that if it takes a webpage longer than 4 seconds to load many users will click off of it?

And so, at Dental Focus, we will work to optimise your surgery page by compressing images and reducing redirections to help your website rank higher on Google rankings and to keep site visitors engaging with your page.


Of course, one of the key things we do at Dental Focus is work on SEO of web pages, to ensure that they appear on the first page of Google.

This involves creating original written content for your website using keywords and the placement of links within the blog content. This will help to rank your page higher on Google, as it will appear more trustworthy. We will optimise your webpage, making it easier to be detected by Google bots and will make sure that it is also mobile-friendly, for visitors who are on the go.

Contact Dental Focus today for more information about optimising the performance of your website!

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Need some help with your dental website’s target audience? How our team at Dental Focus can help

Monday 18th January 2021

Looking for a way to make your dental webpage more exciting?

While it is almost essential to have a website for any business, many websites that offer similar services can appear the same. Having a unique website is what can make the difference between having medium internet traffic to having an influx of new page visitors.

But dentistry is a physical job and very few practices have the time or the staff to also manage their own website. And this is where our team at Dental Focus comes in.

At Dental Focus, our team’s speciality is the making, managing and general overseeing of dental websites. To date, we manage 1000+ websites and have a dedicated team who can personalise your practice’s website. We cover every aspect of your online presence, from SEO to writing blogs to social media pages.

In this article, we will discuss some of the basic formats that we can offer to dental websites, allowing you to decide which one is right for your practice.

General practice

When you operate a general dental practice, your primary focus will be on displaying which services you are able to offer to your patients, with a potential virtual tour.

If your team specialises in helping anxious patients, we can make this the focus of your website and target particular demographics using keywords.

Our general dental websites can also show videos, display testimonies and have your surgery’s branding placed throughout, to give a more personalised feel.


With our orthodontic sites, we put emphasis on the types of braces you are able to offer patients, like Invisalign, alongside before and after photos.

These will help your site visitors gain a clear insight into what they can expect when they attend your surgery. If you are able to offer a free consultation for the brand of braces you are using, we will highlight this on the home page and will make it clear in the fees and prices section. Transparency with prices on any dental site is important!


Like our orthodontic sites, implant focused sites will have a large photo gallery of before and after photos, displaying implant work that has been completed by your team.

Again, we will help you to dominate SEO on Google using keywords and your surgery’s location, while also making fees and any offers clearly displayed on your home page. We will also ensure that your team’s implant qualifications are clearly displayed.


If it’s a more cosmetic based dental site you are after, we will need lots of photos!

We will also be able to add either animated or real-life videos recorded by your dental team, to help break down what is involved in each cosmetic procedure to your site’s visitors. This is more engaging than a block of text and will help to reassure anxious patients of your team competence at performing cosmetic procedures. We will need to know about your surgery’s pricing and financing options or dental plans, so we can display them clearly.

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