Importance of dental websites

Everyone knows the importance of looking after their teeth and visiting their dentist. Dental practices are available everywhere and most of them look very similar from the outside, it is likely that potential patients with busy, hectic lifestyles, will walk past without even noticing you. Instead, most people use the internet when they are free to research and find answers for their dental needs and requirements, prior to deciding what treatments they would like and which Dental Practice they would like to have them carried out at. Most practices now have dental websites to advertise their treatments and procedures. If you have still not created a website for your dental practice, then you are missing out and possibly losing your patients to your competitors. Good dental websites help boost patient numbers because not only can the patient explore what different types of treatments and procedures you offer, they will be encouraged to think about how they can improve their oral health or improve the aesthetics of their teeth and all in the comfort of their own homes throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. So regardless of whether you are open or not, whether it is night or day a potential patient could be searching your practice and waiting for morning to call you.

Why a good website is important for the success of your dental practice

We have created over 1000 dental websites in the last two decades, so speak to our award-winning, specialised, dedicated Marketing Team at Dental Focus Marketing to find out how we can create a unique, interesting and attractive website for you to help increase the success of your practice today. Leave the technicalities of dental marketing in our experienced hands whilst you focus your time and efforts on your expertise and look after your patients. We will make sure that together we develop the best website for you which addresses all aspects of your dental practice and helps boost the number of patients walking through your door.

Without a good website, the awareness of your practice will be limited. A tailor-made, professionally created website and a good online presence enhanced by dental search engine optimisation (SEO) will help expand your business and attract more patients to you.

How Dental Focus Marketing can help you

We will find out everything we need to know about your practice and using our 7Ps of marketing we will make sure that all aspects of your practice including your Profile, People, Premises, Price, Promises, Proof and Products are all showcased on your website along with your USPs to help make you stand out from amongst the crowd.

Our marketing team will look after your website and our aim is to ensure that your dental practice remains on the first page of Google Search results under paid for advertisements.  This is an important technique used to ensure readers reach your website as more than 95% of readers choose a website from the first page of their search results whilst the rest remain unexplored. We have specialised strategies which we use for good SEO for your website and we will maintain this at all times so you don’t have to worry about it.

Speak to us at Dental Focus Marketing and find out how we can help increase the number of patients for you.

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