Why do you need dental SEO?

Dental search engine optimisation (dental SEO) helps put your dental practice on the map and lets potential patients find you when they are looking for answers to their dental needs in your local area. Without SEO a good dental website will be rendered worthless, because no one will be able to find it. With good SEO your website will be at the top of any dental searches carried out in your area.

Here, at Dental Focus Marketing, we have almost two decades of experience in creating fantastic websites and maintaining dental SEO for over 1000 dental companies. Speak to us to find out about the methods and techniques that we use and how we can help you attract more patients to your dental practice.

What is dental SEO?

Dental SEO is easy in principle, but the implementation and ongoing maintenance of it takes time, effort and a knowledge of information technology to see effective results. We, at Dental Focus Marketing, are an award-winning team and we are here to take your dental marketing worries off your hands, enabling you to focus your efforts and your expertise on your valuable patients. Leave the online marketing with us.

We will create a fantastic website and a strong online presence for you, using our tried and tested methods, and you will see the boost in the success of your business very soon. Our aim is to always make sure that you are on that all-important page 1 of the search results for dentistry in your area and where possible we will always keep you at the top of the list or as close to the top as we possibly can.

How does dental SEO work?

Dental SEO works using keywords. Google has algorithms also known as spiders which crawl the internet and index the content. The spiders read each page, follow the links to the subsequent pages and scan and index all those web pages. This is so that when a potential patient conducts a search on Google using keywords that are found within your website’s content, then Google is able to serve up a results list which includes your website instantly, as it already has all these websites indexed. This is why keywords are very important for SEO; they are the foundation of this patient attraction technique. By identifying what keywords your potential patients are likely to use or are using to find your practice or the services and treatments that you offer, we can help Google recognise that you should be at the top of that list.

Knowing what keywords are important is not enough, how we use them is crucial. We will make sure that the keyword is linked to your location and used repetitively throughout your web pages and in strategic places. We will include the keywords on page titles, headings and subheadings throughout the content, in your anchor text for internal links, in your navigation and in your image captions.

Book a consultation to find out more about what we do and how we at Dental Focus Marketing can help you today.

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