Chris Barrow – International Dental Business Coach Part Five

In our final article in this series, Coach Chris Barrow and Dr Geeta Perks delve into the 5 step methodology and the numbers behind successful dental marketing.


Dental Marketing


The 5 step methodology


Producing dental marketing content to keep the life of your business alive online can be difficult if you have a large team that just wants to do their jobs and go home, but it is imperative that you get them on board to help potential new patients in Australia to decide if you are the best dentist for them. Having everyone involved in your dental marketing will build momentum and drive more and more people to choose you in the long run.


  1. Make sure that every patient has the opportunity to use the check-in on your Facebook business page.


  1. Make sure that every patient is encouraged to provide their email address and compliant permission to be added to a mailing list for a monthly newsletter.


  1. Make sure every patient is offered a photograph with the clinician and assistants with the appropriate compliant permission to use that photo as part of marketing collateral. 


  1. Make sure that every patient is offered the opportunity to take part in a short video where they may talk about their experience and give the appropriate compliant permission for it to be used in marketing.


  1. Make sure that every patient is offered the opportunity to write a digital review, especially in the UK, and remind Australian patients of their Google options. 


The Numbers

This methodology is not a quick fix to gaining new patients, it requires relentless determination and business coaching but in a 1-2 year period with word of mouth and digital recommendations the effects will begin to snowball; growing as it gains momentum.  


Another benefit of this method is that it is more cost-effective than throwing a bunch of money into advertising like Facebook or Google ads, signage, banners, posters, etc. and the numbers are there to prove it. 



Advertising sees a 15%-25% conversion. It is an expensive way of getting clients with a high attrition rate. These patients also have a tendency to be more price-conscious which is not the type of client we are looking for.



Recommendations from other patients see a 66% conversion rate.



Referrals to other specialists see an 85% conversion rate.


Word of Mouth

Word of mouth takes longer and requires your whole team to be involved but it produces the most desirable outcome with a lower financial cost than advertising. Our goal is to focus dentists on the right dental marketing strategies for their business in order to help it grow.


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