Proof on dental websites A guide to one area of our patient attraction system

When a patient is looking for information about cosmetic dental procedures, like dental implants, it can be all too easy for dental clinicians to get caught up on the technical aspects.

And as such, it can be all too easy for practitioners when they are designing a webpage to focus on the more clinical aspects of the fitting of the implants, as opposed to what the patients actually want to see- the proof. The proof that your team can not only fit dental implants but that you have fitted dental implants in the past (successfully!) and that your team are trained to fit dental implants. After all, you wouldn’t hire a tattoo artist without seeing their portfolio, so you need to make sure that you showcase your skills to your patients via photographs and videos on your surgery page.

At Dental Focus, we know how important proof is when it comes to attracting new patients. We have devised our own patient attraction system, which focuses on 7 key points that will not only attract patients to your surgery but will also ensure that they undertake their desired treatments with your team. And when it comes to the proof aspect of our system, photos speak louder than words!

But what are some of the other areas of proof we have identified as important when we developed our patient attraction system? Read on to find out!

Before and after

OK, so when it came to devising the proof aspect of our patient attraction system, we found that patients enjoy scrolling through before and after pictures of cosmetic dental treatments.

Why? Because it allows them to look through your team’s skill sets and to compare the photos to their own teeth and provides proof of what you can achieve.

So, when you hire our team at Dental Focus to makeover your surgery page, we will create a gallery of your team’s work, ranging from orthodontic procedures all the way to dental implants. If you offer facial aesthetics, we will use these images too.


You know your team is qualified, we know your team is qualified but potential patients who want to undertake a specialist area of cosmetic treatment will want to know everything about your expertise and we don’t blame them!

Once again, our team will create a separate area on your surgery page that introduces your team and displays their basic qualifications (and any additional training) so site visitors have proof that when they choose your team, they are choosing the best.

Your staff

How does this differ from the aforementioned section?

When it comes to nervous patients (who often need to undertake more extensive procedures, it is important to showcase who works on your team and in which area.

If you have a dentist who specialises in nervous patients, we will place their photo on your site as proof that when a more anxious patient comes to your surgery, they will have a clinician who will look after them. Simple!

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