The importance of a good dental website

Everyone understands the importance of visiting their dentist and looking after their oral health. Most dental practices now offer very similar treatments and procedures, this is often reflected in dental websites which start to look the same after you have browsed a few.  To survive in the age of digital technology, to allow your business to grow and to increase the number of patients walking through your door, it is important to maintain a strong online presence and this begins with having a fantastic dental website for your practice. If you do not have a website for your practice yet, or you have a website but it requires modernising and maintaining, then book a consultation with our award-winning dental marketing team.  With our knowledge and expertise, we at Dental Focus marketing will manage all the marketing needs for your practice as we have done by successfully creating and maintaining over 1000 dental websites so far in the last two decades. Speak to us to find out how we can help you.

How Dental Focus Marketing can help create a fantastic website for you

Good dental websites require an excellent homepage that will grab the attention of the reader and encourage them to explore the website further. We will create an individually tailored, bespoke website for you where the homepage will showcase the profile of your dental practice and any USPs which will help you stand out from your competitors.

The website is developed using our 7Ps of dental marketing approach to make sure that we address all aspects of your dental practice. These include the prices of the treatments and procedures that you offer, how competitive they are in comparison to local dental practices and any payment plans that you can offer which will help encourage the patient to consider the treatment that they are looking for but also to encourage them to investigate and find out further about how other treatment processes may help improve the aesthetics of their smile, ultimately increasing business for your practice. We will use fantastic before and after pictures of successful treatments at your dental practice to show your patients the quality of dental care that you are able to offer. We will use happy, smiling pictures of the team at your dental practice showing off their beautiful white teeth to help assure the reader that they are in safe hands. We will display pictures, videos and a tour where possible of the premises of your dental practice to help the patient envision themselves at your practice. This can be particularly encouraging for nervous patients because they can prepare themselves for what to expect at your practice and we can do a specific page on the website addressing dental phobias to help ease their mind further. We will write about individually tailored treatment plans and services that you can offer to your patients which will help you stand out from your competition. The whole website will include reviews and testimonials from your existing patients which will help encourage new patients to pick up the phone and book an appointment to visit you for their dental needs. Speak to us at Dental Focus marketing to find out more about how our dental websites help increase the success of dental practices and how we can do the same for you.

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