The importance of a well-designed website and dental SEO

Most dental practices have successful dental websites that market their businesses online 24-hours a day throughout the week. It is important to have a modern and attractive dental website for your practice so that when patients are looking for a dentist in the vicinity, they will find out all the necessary information about you before visiting you. First impressions count; therefore, it is very important that consult a digital dental marketing company, like ours here are Dental Focus Marketing, who can create your dental website for you and make sure that it is maintained at the highest standard. In this age of digital technology, where word of mouth referrals are a thing of the past and everyone searches for their answers on Google, having a strong online presence is the most powerful tool in marketing your business.

The 7 Ps of marketing to create a good dental website

To create dental websites here at Dental Focus marketing, we use the 7 Ps of marketing to make sure that we have addressed all aspects of your dental practice. So when a potential patient is on your website trying to find out about their dental needs they will find all the information on your pages. Also, there will be a large red hyperlink that allows these patients to call you to find out more. We will use your profile and USPs to create your homepage and, once this has attracted the reader, make up the remainder of your website with information regarding the services and procedures being offered at your practice, including prices and potential payment plans where possible. We will also use plenty of pictures and videos of your team and the location of the practice itself. Furthermore, whatever we write about your practice will be portrayed in a positive and encouraging light.

Next, we will include plenty of before and after pictures to illustrate the success of treatments at your dental practice. Apart from these, we use many other methods in creating a good dental website so speak to Dental Focus Marketing and find out more.

The importance of dental SEO

Google advertisements are listed at the top of all search results and this is an effective way to get your dental website noticed by potential patients. However, it is expensive to maintain and this is especially the case for smaller dental practices. Therefore, investing in dental search engine optimisation is a more long-term strategy for attracting new patients to your dental website and has a better return of investment for you.

Speak with us at Dental Focus Marketing today and find out more about dental websites and how we can boost the success of your business. We will take care of the online marketing so that you can focus on your patients. There is a great advantage in investing in dental marketing because the average patient value and average patient lifespan are high compared to other business types. So do not delay any longer and let us help you bring more patients through your door.

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