The importance of dental SEO for the growth of your dental practice

Dental search engine optimisation (dental SEO) is a system of techniques and strategies which are necessary to help searchers find your dental website on Google, without you having to pay for google advertisements and pay-per-click. In this age of information technology where everyone is looking for all their answers on Google, having a fancy website is not sufficient for attracting new patients to your practice. Good dental SEO is necessary to help your practice grow as quickly as possible in this overcrowded market. It is important to speak to our multi-award-winning marketing team here at Dental Focus Marketing to find out about how we can manage dental SEO on your behalf, as we have been doing so successfully for over 1000 dental websites.

How we carry out good dental SEO

Onsite SEO involves making sure that we have the right dental keywords on your website. We use keywords that we know are being popularly searched for in your area and we use them multiple times throughout the website. Repetition is key and by linking the keyword to your location, Google recognises your dental website for being the most relevant for what the searcher is looking for and boosts your position in the search results list. We make sure to use the keyword in headings and subheadings as well, to make the reader realise that they are on the correct page and help hold their interest. Also using the keywords early on in the content helps hold the attention of the reader and encourages them to carry on reading further.

Page titles are important as this information is normally used by Google in the search results where they display the first few lines of the first page of your website. Accurate and interesting page titles send a signal to Google, and searchers know what is available on your site. The better your page title matches what your searcher is looking for then the higher up your website will be in the search results list. To make sure your search results get a click we have to make sure that we attract the attention of the reader, so page titles will be tailored in such a way to encourage the reader to click on your website and also explore it further. If your website is not clicked on enough then Google will start to push you down the list.

Here at Dental Focus Marketing we have many years of experience in how Google robots work and we will use our knowledge and expertise to help make sure that you remain at, or as close to, the top of any search results for dental requirements in your area as possible.

Links help Google understand subject matter authority. We will link your website to that of Medicare and other authorised websites, so that Google understands that you are a trustworthy website and will help your dental SEO in the process. Updating your website regularly is important for making Google realise that your website is still relevant. New content needs to be uploaded all the time and our specialist writers are creating individually tailored onsite articles and blogs each month. Speak to our friendly and experienced team here at Dental Focus Marketing and we will take care of your dental marketing and dental SEO, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours of your quality time online, you can be focusing on treating your patients instead.

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