Patient Attraction System

Proof on dental websites A guide to one area of our patient attraction system

Monday 10th May 2021

When a patient is looking for information about cosmetic dental procedures, like dental implants, it can be all too easy for dental clinicians to get caught up on the technical aspects.

And as such, it can be all too easy for practitioners when they are designing a webpage to focus on the more clinical aspects of the fitting of the implants, as opposed to what the patients actually want to see- the proof. The proof that your team can not only fit dental implants but that you have fitted dental implants in the past (successfully!) and that your team are trained to fit dental implants. After all, you wouldn’t hire a tattoo artist without seeing their portfolio, so you need to make sure that you showcase your skills to your patients via photographs and videos on your surgery page.

At Dental Focus, we know how important proof is when it comes to attracting new patients. We have devised our own patient attraction system, which focuses on 7 key points that will not only attract patients to your surgery but will also ensure that they undertake their desired treatments with your team. And when it comes to the proof aspect of our system, photos speak louder than words!

But what are some of the other areas of proof we have identified as important when we developed our patient attraction system? Read on to find out!

Before and after

OK, so when it came to devising the proof aspect of our patient attraction system, we found that patients enjoy scrolling through before and after pictures of cosmetic dental treatments.

Why? Because it allows them to look through your team’s skill sets and to compare the photos to their own teeth and provides proof of what you can achieve.

So, when you hire our team at Dental Focus to makeover your surgery page, we will create a gallery of your team’s work, ranging from orthodontic procedures all the way to dental implants. If you offer facial aesthetics, we will use these images too.


You know your team is qualified, we know your team is qualified but potential patients who want to undertake a specialist area of cosmetic treatment will want to know everything about your expertise and we don’t blame them!

Once again, our team will create a separate area on your surgery page that introduces your team and displays their basic qualifications (and any additional training) so site visitors have proof that when they choose your team, they are choosing the best.

Your staff

How does this differ from the aforementioned section?

When it comes to nervous patients (who often need to undertake more extensive procedures, it is important to showcase who works on your team and in which area.

If you have a dentist who specialises in nervous patients, we will place their photo on your site as proof that when a more anxious patient comes to your surgery, they will have a clinician who will look after them. Simple!

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Promises and proof; 2 areas of our patient attraction system at Dental Focus

Wednesday 14th April 2021

When you are looking for a service online, how do you know that the site you have clicked on can offer it to you?

When it comes to areas like cosmetic care, such as haircuts, manicures or even cosmetic dental care, chances are that you will look at the photograph gallery that each website has. After all, you want proof that the people you want to employ can do what they say they can!

And you’re not alone. When it comes to searching for any type of business online, more and more people want to see physical proof that what they want can be achieved, making photographs and even videos a must-have for almost any site, especially dental surgery sites.

At Dental Focus, we have constructed a unique patient attraction system based on this principle, so we can pass our knowledge of how to attract new patients on to you. We use the 7 Ps as part of our SEO strategy profile; people, premises, prices, promises, proof and products to makeover your dental website, turning it into an invaluable part of your surgery’s success.

In this article, we will be exploring our patient attraction system in relation to promises and proof, to display how we use these ideas to boost your internet presence and patient list.

Promises and proof

All dental patients deserve the highest level of care and so, when you choose Dental Focus to promote your surgery, we will ensure that your page reflects the promise of care that you want it to.

And, as mentioned earlier, a key way to display many parts of our patient attraction system is with photographs and videos. Photographs will display your patients receiving a high level of care, which will boost enquiries.

Proof will be in the images of gleaming white smiles after makeovers, with nothing to deter prospective patients, no equipment and no clinical terminology. This is the proof of your promise, which will lead to a higher level of interest if displayed correctly.

Qualifications and expertise

When we redesign your surgery site, we will ensure that there is a ‘staff profile’ page; this will utilise both the promise and proof section of our system.

With friendly photographs and a brief section discussing your staff’s qualifications, this is a great way to showcase the expertise of your team.


Personalisation is key to attracting more patients and what better way to do this than with a video?

This will enable you and your staff to talk through common procedures that you can perform (proof) with your promise about what your patients can expect when they come to you for it. Our team can offer you pointers on how to create one of these videos, so contact us for more information.


Once again, these are an essential part of any dental website and tie into the proof and promise areas of our system.

We will create a review page on your site, allowing visitors to assess your suitability to provide services for them and their unique needs.

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Looking to attract nervous patients to your surgery? How our patient attraction system can help

Wednesday 10th March 2021

When you are trying to make your dental surgery page stand out online, it can seem overly complicated- surely a nice homepage and stylish font will do the trick? Unfortunately, no.

There are thousands of webpages on the internet showing off dental surgeries and if your surgery is based in a large city like Sydney or Melbourne, the competition can be even tougher, making it harder for smaller dental surgeries to make their mark on Google searches. Yikes!

So, what can you do? There are 3 choices- you can devote all your time to running your surgery page and forfeit your job as a dentist, you can choose a member of staff to run the webpage to

attract more patients or, you can contact our team at Dental Focus.

At Dental Focus, we have helped thousands of dental surgeries grow and develop, thanks in part to our fantastic, dedicated team and our unique patient attraction system, known as the 7 P’s. We know how world-famous search engine Google works, and can help you to get your surgery onto page 1 of each dental search, changing those website clicks into real-life patients. Fantastic!

In this article, we will be looking in a bit more depth at 2 of the 7 P’s that make up our patient attraction system– premises and people.

Nervous patients

Let’s face it, when it comes to running a dental surgery, you are going to have more than your fair share of nervous patients- it comes with the territory!

And while it may seem odd to focus your patient attraction system around one specific group, nervous dental patients are a large group and if you can attract them to your surgery and show them compassion, research indicates that they are more likely to stick with your surgery’s team.

Now, onto how this interrelates to the 7 P’s and the 2 that we are focusing on.


When you contact our team, we will give your website a glance over and will seek to place as many photos as we can, showcasing your surgery and staff.

We will eliminate any potentially frightening dental photos or images, to allow those of a more nervous disposition to look through your page without becoming agitated.

We will also recommend setting up a virtual tour of your surgery, to help nervous patients become more familiar with your surgery before they enter it.


You know it and so do we- if a patient is nervous, it is probably because of a bad experience in childhood.

And so, you will need to break down the stereotype of the scary dentist by posing for some photos, showcasing your staff as being friendly and approachable (which we are sure you are!)

Again, this will help to attract more nervous patients to your team and if you host videos on your page, which is also great for SEO, this will allow them to feel as if they know you before they step through the door. Great stuff!

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Need to attract patients to your dental page? Our patient attraction system by Dental Focus

Wednesday 10th February 2021

When you are advertising your dental surgery online, you need to have a website and a strategy that will attract the right people; in other words, people looking for a dental service or surgery!

Of course, you could simply advertise your surgery on a well-known search engine like Google, but this alone can be ineffective, not to mention costly. It can become a bit confusing for internet users to see an advertisement for a dental surgery without a website ranked on the same page.

So how can you ensure that you attract patients to your surgery?

At Dental Focus, our expertise in the area of dental marketing has led us to develop the patient attraction system. Made from the 7 p’s profile, people, premises, prices, promises, proof and products, we can help get the right people to visit your site and hopefully your surgery. And with thousands of websites being successfully managed by our team, you can rest assured that this system works!

How does our patient attraction system work? In this article, our team focuses on a key element of your website- the people.

People in relation to the 7 P’s

When it comes to the patient attraction system, people equate to an important area of every company; how your surgery treats patients and how your team appears professional in this area.

Not only this, but our team will help you boost the appearance of your surgery on your website, helping you to develop profiles for your staff and ways for the web user to access reviews on your surgery.


An area of good customer care is the complaints section and, while you may not like the idea of a patient logging a complaint about your team, it is an important aspect of healthcare in the UK.

Our team will design your webpage to ensure that should the need arise for a patient to lodge a complaint about your surgery, they can easily access it and there will be no ‘bad feelings’ per se when it comes to your team investigating the issue.


Much like a social media page, on your surgery, you will need to have a brief bio of each of your staff members, along with their photos and General Dentistry Council number.

This will help potential customers to become familiar with your team, which is very important if you are looking to attract nervous or apprehensive patients.

We can advise you on what else is required in your team profile pages, such as their hobbies, their area of expertise in dentistry and how long they have been practising dental care. We will be able to advise you on colour schemes and photography types, to make sure that all of your team appear approachable.


These are another important area of your website, showcasing previous patients or people who have had experience at your dental surgery.

Many patients use reviews to choose a new surgery, so we can advise you on which ones to display.

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Want to invite new patients to your surgery? How our patient attraction system can help

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Looking to attract new patients to your dental surgery?

There are a few ways that you can try to do this using your web page. You can hire an advertising agency and spend a small fortune on targeting ads across the internet. You can send out fliers and chase up potential leads, which can be time consuming. Or you can contact our team at Dental Focus and enquire about our patient attraction system.

How does it work?

At Dental Focus, we can offer new or existing dental websites a 3 step patient attraction system, which provides an easy way for your website to obtain more visits from those looking for a reputable dentist in your specific area. It also involves our team managing and maintaining your website, to ensure that the only leads you are given are those who are genuinely interested in attending your practice.

So, in a bit more detail, what does our patient attraction system involve?


When you are aiming to attract more clients to your website, it is important to advertise in the right places.

Our team at Dental Focus will manage your surgery’s Facebook and Google Ads to match what is being searched for on these platforms. For instance, if you are keen to boost your surgery’s bookings for dental implants, we will place the advertisements in searches for dental implants in your area. That way, you will have an increased chance of receiving a call or email from a potential patient.


Even with more general things, everyone needs a dentist and here, we can turn our attention to attracting more clients to your website.

How? By once again placing adverts in searches for all things related to dentistry, and sending

any potential leads an email or SMS to interest them and nurture a potential relationship.


Making your website accessible to a wider range of clients is important and, while we will make your website as engaging as possible, we are also able to offer a chat function to your webpage!

When a new visitor comes onto your webpage, a chat bar will appear in the corner, asking them if they need assistance. If they engage, this will lead them to a suitable part of your website, so they can access the information they need from your site. This will once again encourage them to get in touch for whichever dental services that they need.

But this isn’t all we offer in relation to attracting new patients to your site.

Google ads

We have mentioned this briefly, but we can use a myriad of techniques to ensure that the right people are led to your webpage through Google Ads. Our team will search for targeted locations, specific keywords of your choice, relevance to your website, searchers’ browser history and the intent of the search. If it all links, your surgery’s advertisement will be placed, increasing the likelihood of your site being explored and a new patient is added to your client list! Perfect!

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