Our patient attraction system

When you are running a dental practice, you will most likely be searching for ways to attract new patients. At Dental Focus, we have created a patient attraction system which can help you and your practice attract and engage people and increase the amount of new enquiries you receive.

Targeting audience

The first step of our system is targeting a specific audience, which is beneficial as there is more chance of that person actually becoming a patient, as opposed to just putting your website out there in the open and hoping the right people see it. This is mainly done by the use of SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this can be a huge help in getting onto the first page of Google.

SEO is a group of processes that can help to boost your website on relevant searches. One of the main ways this can be done is by putting certain keywords in your content that people commonly search, it is usually short phrases. An example of this would be adding things such as “dentist in London” or “dental implants in London”. Having these keywords can make it easier for Google to see that your website has relevant content and will therefore push it up in the rankings.

Attracting leads

Once you have successfully targeted the right audience and someone clicks on your site, this is when you need to focus on the second step of our patient attraction system, which involves attracting those leads to continue using your site. You can attract the leads by having a well functioning and inviting website, and by including good features within it. By adding things such as good pictures and videos of your practice, contact information, patient testimonials, Google virtual tours and more, you can entice someone to stay on your site and eventually enquire.

When you work with us here at Dental Focus, we will make sure that we create your website in a way which reflects your practice well, and includes all of the things mentioned above and more. If your website is messy and doesn’t work well, this can reflect negatively on your practice and look unprofessional.

Engaging and nurturing leads

Once the potential new patient has been attracted to your practice and your website, this is when the third stage of the patient attraction system will happen. In order to really turn the leads into patients, it can really help to engage with those people and encourage them to go ahead with the treatments they want. This can be done in a few ways, but a big part of how you can engage and nurture leads is through social media. This is especially effective if you link your social media accounts on your website, as if someone wants to research further, they can go over to your social media and connect with you or other patients on your page. This engagement can really help to bring new patients in and it makes them feel more comfortable to come into your practice if you have engaged with them prior.

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