Dental Implants: three reasons why NOW is the best time to consider treatment

You may be considering having a dental implant for a number of reasons, perhaps you have had an accident and wish to replace a broken or extracted tooth? Maybe you have had a missing tooth for some time which is causing discomfort or is causing your other teeth to migrate? Perhaps you are concerned with the aesthetic look of your smile? Here are three reasons to book an appointment straight away…

Treatment Success

Firstly, technology has come a long way in dentistry over the last 35 years, whether screw or post fixed, success rates for Dental Implants in Kent are high, with 90% of Dental Implants lasting up to 15 years!

This makes Dental Implants the recommended solution to replace extracted or missing teeth.

Health & Cosmetic Benefits

Initially missing teeth contribute to the gradual reduction of the jawbone, making the face structure appear older, a dental implant in Glasgow can fix this, whilst also completing your smile.

There are also some clear health considerations. Dentures and bridges, which overtime can lead to exposure of nerve endings and irritation of the gums, also require special cleaning and maintenance. A dental implant simply requires cleaning like a natural tooth, and avoids the discomfort of dentures and bridges.


Although initially the cost can seem excessive, a dental implant in Dublin proves to be a superior investment when considering that the life span of substitute treatments such as crowns, bridges and dentures are less durable, and over time represent a larger cost.

Typically a single dental implant in London will range in price from budget dental implants at £1199up to £4500, averaging around £2750. Competition within the dentistry professional to perform Dental Implants is high so you should do your research as each dental practice offers something unique.

And if the price of dental implants is discerning, consider that many dental practices offer flexible payment options, including dental implants in Bracknell, to help you achieve your perfect smile.

There you have it! Three reasons why you should consider dental implant treatment as way to complete your smile.