A strong website and keyword research for effective dental marketing

Effective dental marketing is a powerful tool in promoting the success of your dental practice. Over the last few decades, dentistry has become an overcrowded market and, with multiple dental practices in each town and village, you have to stand out from the crowd. You must have a strong patient attraction system in place to help bring new patients through your door and keep your existing patients happy at the same time.

Speak to us at Dental Focus today. We are a digital dental marketing team and we have assisted over 1000 dental practices over the last two decades. We can help create a strong dental marketing system for you and maintain this so that you can focus your time and efforts on looking after your patients’ dental needs.

Dental marketing has moved online, and the days of paper marketing and word-of-mouth referrals are now a thing of the past. Everyone searches for their answers online. Therefore, your dental practice must have a strong online presence so that, when potential patients search for their dental needs in your area, you can make sure that your practice is the first one that they come across.

The importance of a good website

You will need to establish an excellent dental website that is modern, attractive and informative at the same time. It should address all aspects of your dental practice, including your brand, profile, and your business’s USPs.

To help reassure patients that you provide excellent customer service and dental care, the website should include plenty of photographs and video messages from your team members. This could include team introductions and explanations of how they can help patients. Through this, potential patients can familiarise themselves with you and your team.

Photographs, videos and a three-dimensional tour of your dental practice will encourage patients to visit you in person. Information about the treatments and procedures you offer that is designed to be user-friendly, interesting and educational will persuade patients to consider such services at your practice. By displaying before and after pictures of successful dental treatments at your practice, you will further convince potential patients to consider booking an appointment with you.

Keyword research

Once your website is successfully developed, you must continue to maintain this regularly by creating fresh content in the form of written articles, pictures, videos and regular updates on your dental practice.

To make sure that this content is well received and helps you engage with your patients, it is important to carry out keyword research for dentistry in your area. This means finding out what patients look for. To do this, we have specialised software, here at Dental Focus, with which we can find the dental terms that are most commonly searched for in your vicinity. Using the data we gather, we will then frequently create new content for you that is tailored to these search terms. By creating content on topics that potential patients are already thinking about, you will be able to educate them and encourage them to take action, thus prompting a visit from them very soon.