Common FAQs about dental marketing answered by Dental Focus

Marketing is important for every business. Whether you are a dog walker or a bakery owner, you need to have a good marketing strategy in place to ensure that you continue to get more work, and, of course, you can stay in business for a long time.

But when it comes to dental surgeries, there is something of a more targeted plan to get your surgery onto the internet and attract new patients since for your dental surgery to stay in business, it is estimated that you need to receive a minimum of 20 new patients per month, which is a bit more daunting than other areas of healthcare.

At Dental Focus, we can help. Our team has nearly 20 years of experience with dental marketing and will work with you and your team to make your dental website into something that goes beyond being a calling card for new patients. We will aim to make it a tool that can help you to grow your business and your brand too.

This can sound daunting, but rest assured, we know what it takes when it comes to dental marketing. Want to learn more about what our marketing team can offer to your dental surgery? Read on for the answers to common FAQs that we receive.

How do you market a dental practice?

Dental marketing is usually focused on the kind of dentistry that your team can offer. If your team is trained in cosmetic dental care, then we will aim to base your marketing around this. On the other hand, if you can offer family dental care, then this will be the area we focus on.

But, irrespective of the kind of dental care you can offer, our team will always ensure that your dental website involves photos of your staff and team and is mobile accessible and that you have a blog page that is updated a minimum of once a month to keep the Google bots engaged with your website.

What does a marketing strategy usually involve?

This will depend on what you want to achieve.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to attract patients who want to have dental implants fitted, this will be a key part of the keywording that we use.

Overall, a marketing strategy will involve our team making over your website, starting a blog, utilising keywords that are targeted and ensuring that your website loads quickly and is mobile accessible.

How long will it take before I get new patients?

With our targeted strategies, you should start to see an influx of new patients in around 3-6 months. This may be longer if you are based in a city, especially in a larger city like London, where there may be multiple dental surgeries in your area.

Why should I hire you to do my marketing?

Our team at Dental Focus has nearly 20 years of experience working in this area, and we currently oversee the SEO and marketing of over 1,000 dental websites. We have multiple clients who have given us 5-star reviews on Google, so we truly are experts in this area!