Dental marketing and social media

When you have a business, it is important to branch out and make yourself known in places other than the high street. When you use social media to promote your business, you open up a whole new customer base. Giving people the ability to look up your company any time anywhere, really helps to bring the customers in, and is a great way of marketing for dentists. There are at least a billion people in this world who use social media, meaning there is always plenty of opportunity for new customers. This is why our social media package could be the perfect catalyst for growing your business!

This social media package mainly focuses on Facebook and Instagram, because they are the two biggest social media platforms which are effective for dental marketing. Facebook alone boasts over 2 billion active users globally! 38 million of these are in the UK, meaning there are plenty of potential new customers! Instagram has 800 million monthly users, and 80% of users follow at least 1 business on there, this is another great and forever growing platform to promote your business on!

What’s included?

When you choose this package, you will receive many benefits for your social media platforms in order to boost your business. The first being weekly activity and monitoring of your Facebook page, as it is important to stay consistent when you are on social media in order to attract attention. We will also change your cover photo and make logo changes upon request, as this keeps things fresh. We will also boost your posts using certain advertising methods, which can help to spread your business further afield. If you ever need an emergency post put on your page, we can also do this upon request, meaning you can have the peace of mind that important information will be communicated.

We will be in contact with you regularly to give you guidance and direction about your social media accounts. Our main focus is to ensure you are delivered the best service to help you and your business grow.

Advantages of using social media

As mentioned above, there are billions of people using social media, which means it is a great outlet for dental marketing. You can reach so many more people on social media sites than other outlets because there is such a vast majority of people on there.

The fact that people can like, comment on and share your posts is a huge advantage, as this means that people they know will see they enjoy your business, and might want to try it out for themselves. This also boosts your posts and account, meaning you will reach more and more people.

When you have social media accounts for your business, this also helps with search engine optimisation. When someone searches for your business or something related, there is more chance of your business coming up if you have these accounts.

If you have an active social media account, this also means that you can communicate with potential customers and bring it to more of a personal level. If you engage with people who comment on your posts, this not only boosts your business’ presence, but it can make people feel more comfortable seeing an actual person responding.