Dental marketing for maximum exposure and more new patients

Good dental marketing requires an excellent dental website and strong search engine optimisation or SEO, which helps people find your website easily, to gain the maximum exposure for your dental practice regarding the people in your area. Most people in the UK exhibit a certain amount of dental anxiety or dental phobia, and some avoid the dentist altogether. Therefore dental websites are highly scrutinised and the majority of the population will want to read up and find out more about you, before they book an appointment to visit you in person. If someone walks past your dental practice then they will type your name into Google to see what it can come up with. Other times a potential patient could be sitting at home searching for dentists in your area and when they do it is important that your name comes up on the search results list. This requires effective SEO. SEO is a powerful tool in dental marketing without which people will not be able to find your website and you will remain unnoticed, losing patients to the other dental practices in your area.

What is SEO?

SEO is made up of different dental marketing techniques which help Google recognise that you have the answers to what your prospective patients are searching for. When a patient types in their dental query they are presented with a list of dental websites. These are divided into a few different sections. At the top of the list you have Google paid advertisements, which is the most effective method of marketing your dental practice. The issue with Google advertisements is that although it will help you find new patients quickly and easily, it is expensive to maintain and therefore only feasible for a short term.

The next part of the list is the map pack which presents a map of your local area and a list of the dental practices that are residing in that area. This is an important part of the list too and by creating a Google my business page your dental practice will also be on this list.

The next part of the list is the most important, cost-effective and permanent solution for good dental marketing. These are the organic search results which are generated by Google automatically when patients type in their dental needs. To get a good position in the organic search results list requires plenty of keyword research and good content marketing to help show Google and your potential patients that you have the answers to their dental requirements. By maintaining such research on a regular basis you will be able to keep boosting your position in the listings, until one day you have the top position in your geographical vicinity and you can become the most successful dental practice in your area. Speak to us at Dental Focus today and we will take care of the marketing aspect of your dental practice, create a fantastic website and maintain SEO, so you can focus your time and effort on looking after your patients’ dental needs.