Do you have some questions about dental marketing? Our team at Dental Focus answers

It’s time to get serious about marketing and growing your dental surgery; if you have a surgery website that isn’t pulling its weight, you need to do something about it.

Why? Because the online world (much like the real world) is fiercely competitive and if your website is bland, unoriginal and slow loading, then it is unlikely to be doing you any favours in relation to attracting new patients.

So, what can you do? You can hire our team at Dental Focus!

At Dental Focus, we know the ins and outs of all things dental marketing related and can help your website to attract new patients to your surgery. We pride ourselves on devising individual marketing strategies for each dental surgery, to ensure that any weak spots you may have in your SEO will be propped up and that any strong points will be enhanced. Great stuff!

Curious to learn more about our dental marketing? Here, we answer 5 top FAQs about what we can offer our clients. Enjoy!

What is dental focused marketing?

Whenever you engage with a patient at your surgery about booking an appointment, you are engaging in a minor form of dental marketing.

With many dental surgeries, this can even spread to how your staff answer the phone; do they say the name of the practice when they do? Marketing also includes your surgeries branding or logo, any ethos you have, your social media page and of course, your website.

How does it differ from advertising?

Advertising, in short, gets new patients into the chair. After running a successful advert campaign for your surgery, you may notice that your client list temporarily grows. With effective marketing, those one-off visits turn new patients into long-term clients as they bring along their children, tell their friends and of course, direct people to your webpage.

Thus, many dental surgeries diversify into covering both of these areas.

Does my surgery need it?

If you want to grow your surgery, then yes.

If you have a surgery page that isn’t attracting new patients, then you certainly need some help from our team in relation to marketing and SEO.

How is it provided by your team?

At Dental Focus, we offer our clients an initial assessment of their website and their other marketing practices, to uncover the areas that need improving.

This may be something as simple as speeding up the loading page of your site or may involve making your website accessible to mobile devices. Once we have completed our assessment, we will contact you to discuss the most likely route to getting your SEO up to scratch and bringing in those new patients. It’s what we do!

Is it ongoing?

SEO and marketing are both ongoing processes that may require weekly tweaking, such as providing original content in the form of blogs.

We will discuss what we feel your surgery needs from our team to bolster its success and then adapt the plan according to your wishes and budget. Perfect!